How to Improve your WordPress Website with Classic Theme

To begin with, who would not dream of a successful and profitable business? People have invented many ways to flourish at the frantic pace of modern life. And in the digitalization era, the website’s indispensability should be noted. Web space allows interacting with clients, staying many kilometers away from each other. It is a great alternative to stores, museums, and educational institutions, as a person receives all the necessary services while sitting at home on the couch. 

Is site building as simple as many experienced web admins see it? It is not very likely, especially for beginners. However, there are many options to facilitate resource development and learn how to improve your WordPress website. One of them is the use of ready-made solutions. TemplateMonster has prepared versatile and unique WordPress classic themes for you. This way, you save time ( since you do not adjust the settings from scratch and do not order expensive web developer services) and get a spectacular page in a short time. 

CMS Selecting As a Starting Point 

The starting point is to choose a content management system. There is an abundance of CMS – paid and free, universal and highly specialized, easy to use, and requires in-depth knowledge. Do not assume that the paid engines are superior to free ones in terms of operation quality. Sometimes it is the opposite. For example, many free CMSs are distributed as open source. Therefore, anyone desiring (and able) to supply extensions and modules to them commercially or for free. 

Consider the built-in engine options: multilingualism, multicurrency, search engine optimization, mobile version, contact form, etc. Answer a few simple questions:

  • Do they cover your needs? 
  • Will you be able to implement all your plans with the system? 
  • Will you need to install additional plugins? 
  • Are you ready to pay for them? 

When choosing the engine, navigate to the subject matter and the site’s specifics. It is more effective to use the e-commerce specialized CMS (for example, OpenCart, PrestaShop, or Magento) than the engine with an additional extension for the e-shop. In addition, Joomla, Drupal, ZenCart, VirtueMart, Shopify, and of course, WordPress are publicly available to create diverse resources. 

Check for more info. 

They all have advantages and disadvantages, but WordPress knows better how to improve your website content. 

Key WordPress Features: Why Is It Recommended? 

According to the data from W3Techs, WordPress will maintain more than 40% of all websites in 2022. This number is up 4% from last year. In addition, about 36% of the top 1 million platforms are built on it. Thus, WordPress is the absolute leader in the market. Did you know that Nike and the New York Times edition use only WordPress for their e-pages? The predisposition of famous companies makes the engine valuable and promising. That is not the only advantage because: 

  • It is a free system;
  • It has a wide range of add-ons, plugins, extensions, and templates;
  • It is compatible with any hosting provider;
  • The visual editor is identical to Word = the administration panel is intuitive and easy to use;
  • It is the most popular CMS in the world. Therefore, the WordPress community has already described the problem you are facing in 99% of cases. 

Classic Theme: How to Improve Your WordPress Website

Up-to-date deals from TemplateMonster accompany a fully clear system of customization of the WordPress engine. On the agenda are the classic WordPress themes. The advanced model has everything a beginner and an expert needs: a convenient admin panel, a filled toolkit, timely technical support, affordable cost, and much more. 

The main features of classic templates are:

  • Responsiveness. Themes easily adapt elements to the resolution and screen size. It can be any gadget – smartphone, P.C., or tablet. Broadcast your content with high quality at all times!
  • Cross-browser capability. Conventionally, it takes a few mouse clicks to display a website in several of the most commonly requested browsers at once. Opera, Safari, Chrome, Mozilla – stick around and get as much attention as possible! 
  • Drag and Drop. Can you manipulate a mouse? Then you are one hundred percent able to work with templates. On one – click on the element; on two – move it in any direction. So you create a U.I. on your own. 
  • WPML-ready. A multilingual website extension is sometimes desirable but often a necessity. To provide foreign customers with a comfortable browsing experience, offer content translation. 
  • Flexible in customization. Everyone could personalize the product and interpret the design to match their needs. How to improve your WordPress website styling? For example, good color schemes, visual effects, parallax, transitions, etc., would be great.  
  • Mega Menu. Too much data causing chaos? Structuring content into categories and subcategories is easy. Megamenu gives you access to hidden panels when you click on them. 
  • SEO. In addition to top-notch design, it is important to think about prospects. The SEO-friendly design makes the platform preferable to the search engine when scanning the data. It pushes the resource forward and increases traffic. Promote!
  • Google fonts and maps. Google’s integration of maps and typography is an attractive bonus. The right typeface makes the text easy to read and eye-catching; maps help customers navigate their way to you. 

WordPress Template Designs: What Your Website May Look Like


Being a digital product vendor since 2018, ROCKTHEMES presents a refined model for the restaurant business. It is a modern solution for those who wonder how to improve your WordPress website. The template has a unique design and minimalistic style. The light background highlights clear outlines of colorful, delicious-looking dishes. But the theme is multipurpose: customize it for any industry, including art, education, entertainment, services, etc. The set of Jet plugins is perfectly compatible with Elementor Builder. Together they create an unwavering duo for powerful functionality. Introduce sliders, smooth transitions, and high-quality illustrations to add dynamism. 

Art Deco 

Colorful and thoroughly thought-out – this is what we consider this template. It has several dozens of practical approaches how to improving the site. They include the distinctive shifting of background images combined with discreet text blocks, obvious color, size, shape contrasts, and an intuitive interface. All this generates an impressive composition for presenting your artwork. Artists, architects, sculptors, and all those creating masterpieces with their own hands, join us! ZEMEZ guarantees high template performance, professional support, and no code. 


Dreamit has allowed modern merchants, entrepreneurs, managers, financiers, and other business representatives to be creative. This template has deep functionality and fluid design and complies with all trends and standards. It is perfect for posting corporate information, keeping statistics, presenting reports, etc. The understated design is made in three main colors: white, blue, and black. It allows you to concentrate on the content and avoid being distracted by cryptic effects, bright details, and inconsistent animation. Multilen is about a modern interpretation of the well-known white and blue corporate sites and increased attention to the client.

To sum up 

Finding a method to improve a website and stand out from the crowd is challenging. You could apply the inexhaustible visual tricks that the global web offers. However, attempts will be in vain unless you provide a quality backbone for the platform. TemplateMonster introduces a wide range of ready-made multipurpose themes for pages: create from scratch, change, modify, and upgrade. They are suitable for blogs, online stores, corporate sites, websites with booking forms, and many others. It is truly a worthwhile investment to further the expansion and advancement of your business! 

P.S. Check out the video selection of the best WordPress themes by clicking here. Read about the top entertainment layouts of this year here. We are sure you will find the most suitable option for your purpose. 


  1. How to choose a classic WordPress theme quickly?

The TemplateMonster site is user-friendly, offering a quicker search. Use the filter board on the left side of the screen. Choose the theme, WordPress builder, colors, features, styles, web forms, plugin compatibility, approximate cost, and more. You can also sort items by price, novelty, or popularity. 

  1. How to improve SEO on WordPress site? 

The optimal solution is to use digital products from TemplateMonster. Developers devote much time to optimization, endowing layouts with convenient markup and additional tools. In addition, meta tags, descriptions, quality images, and high page load speeds are essential for fast online promotion. 

  1. Could I save money by buying classic themes from T.M.’s website?

Sure. There is a MonsterONE subscription for regular customers. It has three tariffs and unlimited possibilities: 30% discounts, free downloads, professional support, and constant updates. Pay once a month to get benefits all the time. 

  1. How to improve a WordPress website with a classic theme? 

The following tips to guide you:

  • Create a unique web design (personalized content). 
  • Set up SEO and cross-browser features. 
  • Activate multiple web forms for robust customer communication (contact form, newsletter subscription).
  • Choose validated themes and vendors, focusing on ratings and reviews. 
  • The template should be updated – when was the last time the developer modified the product? 

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