How to Improve your works with iPhone App Mockup Software

Usually, when designing an app mockup, you’ll need to start from scratch and build upon many layers. But now, that’s unnecessary since you’ll have the most amazing design tools and features from mockup software to aid you in your design jobs.

With inbuilt presets and many design features, an iPhone app mockup software can improve your design performance with better speed and a more beautiful design. As a result, it’s natural that you would want the best available softwa

What is an iPhone app mockup software?

For beginners, you can use dedicated design software for the job instead of working on many manual design tasks to create your sketches, design assets, and layouts.

Here, the dedicated tools offer many design features to let you work on your web and app mockups faster and more efficiently, using their inbuilt UI kits, smart components, intuitive interactions, custom animations, and more.

Simply use the app to create your wireframes, using the digital sketching and designing tools. Then you have access to the many design templates and UI kits, which offer beautiful visual elements to add to your mockups.

Some of the best software even includes handy prototyping tools that can help you realize your mockups on the fly.

And to improve your work experience, most design software will come with certain online features, which will allow you to sync or share your work with others via the online platform. This will make it much easier to handle large projects with many members.

What are the features to look for?

Now that you know the importance of having the best iPhone app mockup software, it’s time to discuss the key features to look for in your new app.

First, the software must come with smart, automated, and flexible tools, so you won’t have any trouble using them.

The smart and automated features will provide great designs and recommendations without requiring design knowledge. And the flexible tools will make it possible for you to handle your different projects.

At the same time, the software needs to have convenient and advanced design elements for all levels. Here, you can instantly use simple templates and themes to realize your mockups. Or have access to the intuitive and advanced features, which will make it a lot easier for you to customize your work.

Another important feature is the support of multiple devices, which will make the design platform extremely accessible and convenient for users, regardless of their digital devices.

And of course, having good collaboration will be the deciding factor when it comes to picking the best iPhone app mockup software.

Here, certain design software must provide the entire team of product managers, designers, developers, and others with adequate features. This allows each member to benefit from their design tools.

How to improve your designs with Visily?

And speaking of which, if you’re in the search for the best iPhone app mockup software, then Visily is definitely a good option. It comes with all the mentioned features and more, which will make sure that you can enjoy better design experiences.

Start by having one of the many app themes and page templates that come with multiple design styles and support multiple screen sizes. This allows you to quickly add elements to your blank canvas and enable your different web designs.

Have no trouble creating mockups of different screen sizes that automatically adjust their layouts and components depending on the canvas, as Visily provides you with a complete set of mockups, not just a single design.

Also, the smart components offer drag-and-drop simplicity, so you can easily interact with and adjust the elements with little trouble. Feel free to use the component templates and icon packages from Visily, which offer design presets of many styles and languages, so you can easily stylize your apps.

And most importantly, with the many AI-powered tools, Visily is one of a few great design apps that are actually beginner-friendly.

Here, non-designers will have the simple tools that can turn sketches to design, screenshots to design, best UI/UX guide for non-designers and URLs to design, which allow you to instantly turn any inspired sketches or images into high-fidelity mockups with little trouble.

And, of course, you can always customize your designs with the given tools and features.

And by featuring the AI design assistant, the app provides you with good recommendations and tips, so you can always improve your mockup designs. Quickly receive suggestions on the use of colors and text, the placement of on-screen elements, and more.

Users can quickly access the online team workspace in Visily and join others in their shared projects to make the app more collaborative and user-friendly. Here, you can enjoy

multi-device collaborations, which allow Visily users to access the app from their browsers or desktop devices.

In addition, each member can find the right place and the right tools to improve their design experiences. Let the project manager keep track of the team and its members via the online team workspace. Allow the design team to work simultaneously on online tandem projects.

You can use the automatically generated CSS code to help developers handle app-building tasks without trouble. Export your designs using image files so your clients can access the mockups without having Visily installed on their devices.

Last but not least, by allowing users to register a free account without entering their payment info while also enabling many premium features on the free software, Visily will allow budget users to handle their creative mockup designs with adequate tools and beautiful design elements.


With convenient tools and features, free pricing, and adequate tools, Visily is among the best iPhone app mockup software you can get. Feel free to use the app to improve your design tasks and join others in team projects. You should have no trouble using it in any stage of your app mockup designs.

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