How to install egr delete kit 6.0 duramax?

Alright, so you’ve decided to delete the EGR system on your 6.0L Duramax diesel. Great choice – that exhaust gas recirculation system is nothing but trouble on these trucks. Deleting the EGR will give you better performance, fuel economy, and reliability. But how do you actually do the delete? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Installing an EGR delete kit on your Duramax 6.0L is actually pretty straightforward if you’re at all mechanically inclined. The basic steps are: remove the EGR valve, EGR cooler, and related piping; install blockoff plates in their place; flash your ECM to disable the EGR codes; and you’re done. We’ll walk you through the entire process step-by-step. By the time you’re finished, your 6.0L Duramax will be breathing easy without that problematic EGR system.

What Is a 6.0 egr delete for the 6.0L Duramax?

A 6.0 egr delete kit removes the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system components from your truck’s engine. The EGR system recirculates exhaust gasses back into the engine to reduce emissions, but it can also reduce engine performance and reliability. Deleting the EGR system usually means removing the EGR valve, cooler, and associated piping.

Removing the EGR system has some benefits for your 6.0L Duramax. It can improve throttle response, boost power and torque, lower exhaust gas temperatures, and reduce buildup in your intake and valves. However, deleting the EGR system is not legal for on-road use in many areas since it modifies vehicle emissions systems.

To install an EGR delete kit, you’ll need to locate the EGR valve, cooler, and associated piping under the hood of your truck. The EGR valve is typically near the intake manifold, while the EGR cooler is usually in the valley between the cylinder heads. You’ll remove all EGR components and plug the remaining holes and hoses. Then you install provided block-off plates and new intake piping to bypass the EGR system.

An EGR delete kit requires moderate mechanical ability to install but can significantly improve your 6.0L Duramax’s performance and reliability. While not legal for street use in many places, an EGR delete is a popular modification for off-road and competition use. If done correctly with high quality components, deleting your EGR system can help your 6.0L Duramax run stronger and last longer.

Top Benefits of Installing an EGR Delete

Installing an EGR delete kit on your 6.0L Duramax is one of the best things you can do for performance and reliability. Here are the top benefits:

Increased Horsepower

Removing the EGR valve and cooler frees up your engine to breathe better and work more efficiently. You’ll gain 10-15 horsepower, sometimes more. Every bit counts!

Improved Fuel Economy

With the EGR delete, your engine doesn’t have to recirculate used exhaust gasses. This means it can use fresher, denser air and fuel for better combustion. Many owners report 1-2 MPG increases after deleting the EGR.

Reduced Engine Temps

The EGR system reintroduces hot exhaust gasses into your intake, raising engine operating temperatures. By removing it, your engine can run cooler which reduces stress and risk of overheating. This is especially important when towing or driving in hot weather.

Fewer Maintenance Issues

The EGR valve and cooler are common failure points on the 6.0L Duramax. Deleting the EGR system removes these problematic components so you avoid expensive repairs and downtime. Your engine will also produce fewer sooty emissions that can build up in the intake.

Improved Reliability

For high-mileage 6.0L Duramax engines, an EGR delete kit can help extend the lifespan and improve reliability. By reducing heat, emissions, and part failures, your engine isn’t working as hard so it will last longer. For the best results, combine an EGR delete with a tune to maximize performance and dependability.

An EGR delete is a great way to unlock your 6.0L Duramax’s full potential. Morе powеr,  bеttеr fuеl еconomy,  coolеr tеmps,  rеducеd maintеnancе,  and improvеd rеliability—what’s not to lovе? If you want your diеsеl running strong for thе long haul,  dеlеting thе EGR is onе of thе bеst invеstmеnts you can makе. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing an LMM EGR Delete Kit

To install an lmm EGR delete kit on your 6.0L Duramax, follow these steps:

Remove the EGR Valve

First, locate the EGR valve on your engine. It will be a round component with several hoses attached to it. Disconnect the hoses and unbolt the EGR valve from the engine. Be very careful not to drop any bolts or parts into the engine valley.

Install the EGR Delete Plate

With the EGR valve removed, you’ll see an open port in your engine where exhaust gasses used to recirculate. Install the EGR delete plate over this port and bolt it in place. The delete plate blocks exhaust gasses from entering the engine. Secure the plate tightly so no exhaust can escape.

Replace Hoses

You’ll need to install new hoses to replace those that were connected to the EGR valve. Cap off the ends of any hoses you do not reconnect. Plug the openings to ensure there are no air leaks or openings in the system.

Reconnect Components

Reconnect any wiring harnesses, vacuum lines or other components that were disconnected when removing the EGR valve. Ensure everything is reconnected properly to avoid error codes or issues.

Update Your Engine Tuning

With the EGR valve deleted, you’ll need to update your engine tuning to prevent error codes. Most tuners offer EGR delete tunes to properly calibrate your engine. Flash your engine control module with the updated tuning to complete the EGR delete installation.

Performing an EGR delete on your Duramax engine should provide performance and reliability benefits. However, it may not be legal for on-road use in some areas. Check your local laws before modifying your vehicle’s emissions systems. With the proper installation and tuning, an EGR delete can help reduce soot buildup and improve engine function.

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So thеrе you havе it,  a stеp-by-stеp guidе for dеlеting thе EGR systеm on your 6. 0 Powеrstrokе.  While it may seem complicated, with some mechanical know-how and patience, this mod is definitely doable for a weekend warrior. Your truck will be running better than ever, giving you more power, better fuel economy, and one less thing to worry about failing down the road. Once complete, get out there and enjoy your newly unleashed beast – you’ve earned it! The 6.0 Powerstroke is an incredible engine, you’ve just helped unlock its true potential.

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