How to Keep Your Pets Safe From Pests

Pets are part of the family; therefore, keeping your pets safe and healthy is a top priority. That’s why most pet parents are willing to adopt various measures to protect their furry friends from the risk of pests. Keeping your pets safe from pests begins with recognizing the risks they face. Pests can be harmful to your furry and can cause significant discomfort and even illness in your pet. The most common pet-centric bugs to protect your pet from include fleas, ticks, mites, and flies. Whether you have a cat, a dog, or other types of pet, pest control Maidstone services can be beneficial in getting rid of annoying rodents and insects that might pose harm to your little friends. When you hire a professional exterminator for indoor pest control services, you can rest easy knowing that your home will be made pest-free and safe for your pet. Furthermore, there are other ways to keep your pets safe from pests. In this article, we’ll explore several ways to keep your pet pest-free.

Tips For Keeping Your Pet Pest-free

Prevent Pest Infestations

Fleas and ticks can jump close to a foot in the air and latch on to your pets. This means you should take all necessary measures to keep your pets free of these parasites. You can prevent fleas and ticks by washing your pets regularly and keeping their bedding clean. In addition, keep your home clean and clutter-free. Vacuuming regularly will prevent pests from developing a nest in your home. 

It would be best if you also kept your lawn and garden tidy and clean. Keeping your grass short and trimmed is also a good idea because fleas and ticks are attracted to tall grass.

Preventative Treatment Regimen

Another effective way to protect your pet from pest infestation is to keep your furry friend on a preventative treatment regimen. Regularly treat your pet with flea repellent every month to prevent them from returning. During warmer months, flea preventatives can help reduce the chances of your pet getting bitten by fleas. However, it’s best to keep these preventatives on hand throughout the year.

Also, it is important to remember that fleas and ticks can remain dormant in your pet’s environment for several weeks. Central heating and vibrations can also wake them up. Therefore, make sure to regularly spray your pet with pest-prevention products that kill adult pests and their eggs. Your vet can advise you on what products to use to prevent pest infestation. Once your pets have been treated, you should repeat the application at least once every month. However, be sure not to use dog-specific pest preventive products for cats or other pets and vice versa. This is because it could be dangerous to use products that are not formulated specifically for your type of pet.

Use citrus oil extracts

Using citrus oil extracts to keep your dogs and cats safe from pests can be a good idea, but it should only be applied to areas your pets cannot reach. While citrus oil is non-toxic, it can be irritating to sensitive skin, so make sure to wear gloves when applying citrus oil. In addition, citrus oils should not be applied to your pet’s fur without being diluted.

Citrus oil extracts are effective against a variety of pests. These oils have numerous benefits and can be used as an alternative to traditional pesticides. Citrus oil is extracted from the citrus plants through several processes, and they capture the unique scent of their source plant, which makes them effective for pest control.

Use pesticides in a minimum concentration

While pesticides may be effective in preventing infestations, they can also be harmful to your pets. To minimize the risk, you should always use them at a minimum concentration. It is also important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. A low-risk pesticide poses less risk to pet and human health because they’re highly efficacious and produced according to set standards.

Manual pest removal

After you’ve done all the necessary prevention and you still find a tick or flea on your pet, carefully remove it with your hand. Take caution not to allow the tick or flea to fall off and get missing in your pet environment. You can take a step further by giving your pet a good bath.

In conclusion, pests can be a menace, and you should eradicate them as soon as possible. Take proper care of your environment and call a pest control expert when needed.

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