How To Keep Your Rugs Dust Free?

Is your rug looking filthy, or do you feel more dust and irritation than softness on your flooring? In any of these cases, dust is the element to blame. They hold stain particles, make room for germs and pests and tear your flooring down within a few months or years of use. Therefore, hiring experts is mandatory, especially for Persian rug cleaning. However, even after deep washing treatment, you should keep an eye on the flooring and keep it dust-free. Here is how: 

1. Have a Vacuum Cleaning Schedule 

Your rug’s best buddy is a vacuum. The delicate floorings are like investments; only if you take care of them will they keep the floor warm and bring sparkle to the decor. Therefore, don’t let the dust or dirt defeat the aim of your flooring. What you could do is:

  • Establish a vacuuming schedule – twice a week for outdoor and area rugs with high traffic and once a week for indoor area rugs.
  • Avoid using beater bars; instead, get an upholstery brush to remove even the dust that has become trapped.
  • After carefully vacuuming the front portion, flip the flooring over and do the same for the back and edges.
  • If you have Oriental, Persian or Silk flooring, you might need to move slowly across fringes.
  • For easy and secure vacuuming, move the rug cleaner in the pile’s direction.

It could take some time out of your hectic schedule to vacuum the rugs properly, but that time is time well spent. A brief vacuuming session won’t eliminate deeply embedded solid particles, but it can remove the newly settled particles. 

2. Use Doormats 

If you don’t have a doormat, dust can move from the entrances to your flooring. Before entering your house or office, these particles can be captured by a good mat. By matching the area rug’s color to the doormats, you may improve the aesthetics of the space and prevent dust from accumulating.
Since moisture is area rugs’ deadliest enemy, waterproof mats will protect your flooring during rainy days. A doormat can shield your flooring from dust, moisture, muddy pet paws, and excessively dusty footwear.

3. Keep the Shoes Out 

It may come as a surprise that wearing shoes can wear down your flooring due to dust buildup. As they are designed for outside use, dirt, dust, and other microorganisms can rapidly enter your home and crawl to their favorite destination – rugs! The tough bottoms of your footwear are frequently more substantial than our feet.

A no-shoes rule is beneficial for the floor as well as your flooring! After implementing this strategy, your floor will be cleaner. You’ll notice the improvements right away, and cleaning rugs and floors won’t be as difficult. Isn’t it incredible? This advice is offered even by rug cleaning experts.

4. Hire Experts for Deep Cleaning 

Professional rug cleaners understand your flooring’s material, structure and construction before cleaning it. Their thorough cleaning treatments can eliminate all deeply trapped dust and stain particles. Once they clean the flooring, you can take care of the dust with the above tips. 

Additionally, professionals remove germs, allergens, pollutants and similar elements and make your rug safe and hygienic. With less dust and pollutants, your flooring may live longer than anticipated. If you are a London resident or business owner, we can suggest the best rug cleaner in LondonRug Cleaning London. The experts are top-notch! They offer 100% guaranteed services at an affordable range. Once you hire them for the job, you don’t have to worry about anything else. Contact them now!

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