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How to know your Bangle Design and Size – The Perfect Guide!

One of the main parts of jewelry making is guaranteeing the right measurements for your design. Your jewelry can easily turn out to be some unacceptable size and be ill-fitting. You need to begin once again with a piece or sit around idly attempting to resize it. Get your bangle size right the initial time by figuring out how to measure bangles with Indian jewellery set size tools. It doesn’t make any difference whether you like to make bangles, bracelets, chain wristbands, beaded armbands, or any wrist jewelry. The measurements are comparably significant.

Why is it important to measure your size?

Before looking for a Bangle, it is critical to see how to find the right fit. Numerous bangles slide on over the hand and consequently should be sized accordingly. Others have hinges or an open design, implying that they can be placed over the wrist. Besides size, there are considerations of style and material. Bangles from India arrive in various styles, from simple to luxurious. Finding out how to decide the right Bangle fit and what various types of bangles are accessible are the important things that will help you choose the right bangles.

Step 1: Preparations

  • Set up the tools you should need to measure your bangle size ahead of time: a scale, a paper, and a pen.
  • Cut a small portion of the piece of the paper. This will be utilized to measure your hand.
  • Keep the remainder of the paper to write down and record your outcomes.

Step 2: Wrap Paper

  • Hold your hand as little as conceivable as if you were placing it on a bangle.
  • Bring each of your fingers along with your thumb and little finger contacting. Wrap the piece of paper where your hand is the widest.
  • Make certain to pull the paper intently against your skin. Bangle size is measured by the size of your hand and not your wrist.

Step 3: Measure

Mark the paper with a pen. Utilize your ruler to quantify the edge of the paper to the line denoted. This measurement is the perimeter of your hand. Ensure the paper has not been wrapped excessively tight with the goal that it will be a comfortable fit.

Step 4: Bangle Size Chart

Utilize the bangle size chart to decide the diameter of your hand because of the circumference. After deciding the breadth, pick a bangle that is essentially ¼ inch bigger in width than the diameter measurement of your hand.

Deciding bangle size based on wrist and hand measurements

Bracelets India comes in various styles, which should be taken about while deciding their right size. While certain bangles have openings to be slipped over the wrist, numerous others are intended to slide over the hand. These might have hinges with hinged bangles purchasers need a wrist measurement to decide the size. For a normal fit, they should add 2.5 cm to their wrist measurement to get their bangle size.  For a free fit, they should add 3 cm.  The hand size should be utilized for bangles without hinges for a normal fit.  For a looser fit, they can pick a bangle one size bigger purchasers will also note that the bangle’s width regularly affects size. Then wider bangles will often fit more snugly than slight ones.

Bottom line

Finally, by following these steps you can find a perfect bangle size to get a beautiful design for your hand.

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