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How to Learn Piano Fast as an Adult

There are many amazing benefits for adults who want to learn piano lessons and improve their mastery of playing this popular instrument. Also, if you need to learn piano fast go out to buy good Pianos For Sale to gain skills faster. Whether you are learning the piano for the first time or you played it as a kid, there has never been a fantastic time to take a piano course. If you want to learn piano buy New Pianos for Sale to improve or learn piano skills.

Here is how you can learn piano fast as an adult.

After enrolling in your piano course online, here are ways that can help every adult to learn piano faster.

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1. Start by navigating the keyboard

The keyboard is made of several parts and you must learn how to navigate around. It. Use the two and three black keys to look for notes C and note F. The notes are named after letters, so after C, is D, then E, and so on. However, a musical alphabet stops at G. Align your left and right-hand fingers to the C position by covering C, D, E, F, and G. One finger should cover one key.

2. Learn to play the five-finger scale

After learning how you can navigate the keyboard, you can develop the dexterity of your fingers by trying to play the 5 finger scale. To start playing the scale, position your finger in the C position and play the notes C,D,E,F and G one after the other. You can play these keys with your hand apart, and then try them when both your hands are together. These movements may feel somehow weird at first but with some practice, this will go away.

3. Play fifths

Using the hand positions that you have mastered above, you can start playing the fifths. Playing fifths means that you will be playing with fingers 1 to 5 on both your hands. Play fifths by following these positions: C, G, A, F. You can start by playing with the hands apart, and then repeat with your hands together. The sequence will get familiar and this is the kind of music progression that is mostly used in pop music.

4. Learn hand-independence

Hand independence is more challenging and you can try it. To do this, you need to get to the C position using your left hand and play and hold C. Play 4 steady fifths using your right hand on the top of it. Change the positions and try fifths using both your hands. Moreover, you can try breaking up the musical notes in your right hand. You can also get creative and go further than here. You will be surprised at how much you can achieve quickly.

5. Learn chords /triads

After you have mastered the fifths that means that you are halfway to playing the chords. All you need to do is to add finger three to your fifths and you will be playing triads.

6. Play imagine

This is something exciting and will keep you fired up, and will make you appreciate the fantastic effort that you have been putting into learning the piano course online. Imagine by John Lennon can be obtained online. There are clearly labeled letters that represent the chords, and you should know that the chord C represents the C triad that we just learned while G will be representing the G triad.


Learning a piano course is interesting, but there are a few challenges along the way which you should be willing to overcome. Learning as an adult is advantageous because you will know why you are doing so. If you are persistent, and willing to use the myriad of resources that are available online, then you can get the most out of your effort.

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