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How to Maintain DA PA Fluctuations

Every beginner always wants to get a high score by adopting different ways. But, according to the logarithmic nature of domain authority, if we are higher in the rankings, then it isn’t easy to increase the score. But if we move from a lower score to a high score in a sequence, it is easier to move on to high scores from the lower ones. For instance, if we move from 20 to 30 instead of from 60 to 70, we can increase our scores quickly. So, we must focus on improving our scores faster and making them long lasting.

What is DA PA?

DA stands for domain authority. It can be defined as “A score that is used to measure the ability of a website to rank on the SERPs on a scale. This scale is from 1 to 100”. If a website has a better score, it has more chances of getting ranked. We can use many factors from which we can calculate the Domain Authority. These factors include root domains, SEO performance, no. of backlinks that we have used, and their quality also.

PA stands for Page Authority. Page authority is a bit different from domain authority. Page authority is a score used to measure the specific web page’s ability to rank on the SERPs. It has also score ranges like domain authority from one to hundred. We use a logarithmic scale of 100 points to determine page authority. We can grow our Page Authority from 20-30 quickly, but it isn’t easy to develop our page from 60-70. 

You can check your site’s Domain Authority and Page Authority using the freely available DA PA Checker Tool by ETTVI. The tool is free and easy to use. You can check and analyze your DA PA and work on them accordingly. 

Reasons for Fluctuation in DA PA

There are a lot of reasons which can be responsible for the decrease in our DA PA. But these three are the main ones.

Poor Quality Content

DA PA of our website can be decreased due to the poor content quality if the content we provide needs to be optimized correctly in different ways, such as by giving external backlinks, good information, etc. Then, it will decrease DA of your site.

Bad Quality of Backlinks

If our content is adequately optimized, the external links we provide could be better. Then our DA PA will decrease because it depends on the quality of backlinks. On the other hand, if the backlinks we provide in the content are easily accessible by the user and authentic, then it is beneficial and will increase DA.

Excess of Backlinks

Excess of everything is bad. When high-authority websites are provided with a lot of backlinks in them, it will decrease our DA and PA. And this is the primary reason why our DA decreases rapidly compared to the other reasons. It is a major cause of DA PA fluctuations which is not good for SEO of your site. 

How to Maintain DA PA Fluctuations

Page authority is a measure of a page’s quality and relevance. Few people are linking to you and your site when your domain authority decreases. Conversely, the more links you have, the more likely people will find your content.

You can increase your domain authority by increasing the number of inbound links to your site from authoritative domains (e.g., It can be done by purchasing links, which can help improve your domain authority and other metrics like Open Site Rank (OSR), and Backlinks (BLS).

You can also improve your page authority by adding relevant content and improving the quality of your internal links. It includes creating new pages that are more relevant to the topic and using keywords in titles, descriptions, and headings pertinent to the topic being promoted on the page.

When page authority goes down, it can have a variety of effects on your site and its traffic:

  • Search engine rankings may fall off, which could result in lower traffic and revenue
  • If there’s an issue with how you’re linking to pages on your site (such as broken or missing links), this could cause lost visitors and conversion rates to decrease even more


Domain authority is the number of links pointing to your site. Page authority is the number of links leading to a page on your site.

They are both critical, but they can be challenging to define. Both DA PA plays important role in ranking and SEO of your site. So, you need to have a check on your domain and authority. The best way to keep them both high is to update your content frequently and consistently and make sure that your site has a strong brand identity.


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