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How to Overcome the Difficulties of Renting

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Leaving home with parents is the dream of many people who seek independence, more space, freedom and autonomy in life. Living on a rental property has been the option of most people, especially young people, who have left the dream of owning a home a little behind. That’s because renting allows more freedom of mobility in times when there is greater job turnover.

This perception of freedom is linked to a new logic of society, in which everything is more interconnected, in a network, and can be shared more easily. In addition, people who choose apartments for rent are not afraid to look for better jobs or leave those who are dissatisfied because they have settled somewhere. This issue can weigh more for someone who has opted for their own home.

In this way, it is possible to change cities due to a new job opportunity with greater ease and change according to the income variation. When they start earning more, they can move to a better house or apartment, for example. Another advantage of renting is that you can live closer to work or where you study and as life moves on.

New times bring new ways of looking at life. However, renting has its own difficulties and bureaucracies. If you are thinking about how to overcome them, Tajarat Propertieshasdiscussed some topics that can help you in this process. 

What to Do Before Moving to Rent?

Like everything else in life, renting involves planning to make it work. It is not enough to just rent a space and move. You need to take some precautions beforehand, take some precautions and keep a few steps in mind.


Before renting a property, it is essential that you do some planning. This means that you need to make an estimated survey of all expenses: water, electricity, condominium, internet, rent, transport, food. Only after that will you include leisure expenses in this account. If it’s not possible to do this alone, talk to people who already live alone and ask for tips. There are ready-made spreadsheets that help you with this, such as those suggested in Google Spreadsheets, for example. 

In addition to financial planning, it’s important to organize what you can take from your current home to your future home. The more furniture, personal items, kitchen and bathroom items, bedding, electronics and appliances you can take with you, the less you will spend. 

Another important point to be thought of is mental health itself. If you can assess or prepare yourself psychologically for this new stage of life, the easier it will be to go through this initial period of adaptation.


Once you have this spending estimate, assess whether your monthly income will cover everything, so you don’t go into the red and go into debt. Budgeting is essential to get a sense of where you are leaving your money. When we live in our parents’ house, we have totally different expenses than when we take on the bills of a home. 

The budget is the key to everything. It will tell you how much you can spend to pay for your life living on rent, where you are extrapolating, where you can cut costs, how to save money, and where to invest better. Today we have some applications like Guiabolso the Organizze the WiseCash and My Savings, for example, which help to organize financial control.

Budget for at least six months and only move if you can afford that initial period. If you are looking for budget-friendly properties, visit kingdom valley islamabad.

Time to Rent

Once the budget and planning are in place, the next step is to look for a rental property. At this stage, you will probably know how much you will have available for rent and your bills. It will be necessary to define where you intend to live and whether it will be a house or an apartment. 

In addition, as you’ve already done some good planning, you’ll know what you can take from the old house, and you’ll have an idea of ​​what you’ll need to buy for the house. Thus, the organization of your new home is kept up to date.

Search for neighborhoods close to your work, evaluate transportation options such as bus, train and subway lines. Go for those locations that offer you essential services, such as nearby markets and malls. One of such locations is tajresidencia. Here, assess what you actually need. If you have a car, for example, mobility by public transport will not be a priority. Keeping in mind the ideal location for you, search for the property that best fits your financial standards and look for a real estate agency to help you with the rental process.

Save Money and Make an Emergency Reservation

By this point in the championship, you should know that saving money is essential. Some practices can be adopted at home so that you can reduce monthly expenses. You can, for example, choose to use LED lamps, which are more economical. When it comes to cleaning the house, try setting aside a day to do everything yourself: washing and ironing, cleaning the house. This will save you with day laborers. 

At mealtimes, adopt an economic policy too, go to the market weekly, avoid wasting food and don’t fall for promotions just because they exist if you don’t require that product. An important point is not to split fixed bills as food, as using your credit card here can be a trap for your bills at the end of the month. Ideally, basic items are paid in cash.

The money you can save can be earmarked for an emergency reserve. It is recommended that all people have an emergency reserve to sustain them for at least six months. And as the name says, only use it in real emergency cases. It is always worth noting that some issues are not emergency, such as changing your cell phone, buying new clothes and eating out. An emergency is when you need to pay something health-related, get your car fixed, and buy something essential to your job that might break down. 


Learning to cook can be interesting in terms of economics and can be good for your health too, home cooking is usually more natural. Of course, it’s not about frying every day. However, when cooking every day becomes a chore, the grace and magic of the kitchen can be lost. 

So that this doesn’t happen, you can opt for some cheaper options, for example, buy ready-made lunch boxes, some smaller producers offer frozen lunch options. In this way, you contribute to the local economy and generate income for small businesses. 

Overcoming the Disadvantages of Rent Living

Some uncomfortable situations and disadvantages in renting may arise. Taking on a responsibility like this will involve the need to resolve bureaucracies, decision-making, uncertainties regarding your property and the renewal or not of contracts, among other issues.

What you need to keep in mind is that everything can be resolved with ease if you have good direction. When thinking about renting a property for housing, some disadvantages pointed out are common. Therefore, we list some of them and offer you alternatives and ways of resolution. Look!

No Patrimony Formation

This is the main topic that arises when the disadvantages of renting are pointed out. Since every month you have to set aside a part of your salary to pay the rent on a house that you don’t own, it may seem like a hindrance. If you are a person who dreams of owning a home, know that with discipline it is possible to collect the money for the purchase of property and pay rent at the same time. This is often the only option you have.

The dream of homeownership is part of the national unconscious and carries with it issues more related to status and pride. When most people acquire a property, they spend more than twenty years paying installments to the bank, and during this period, the property belongs to the bank. 

What is important in this topic is to know what your profile is: that of a person who wants to settle down somewhere, or if you prefer the mobility of living in big cities like Islamabad , or smaller cities and even different countries, from according to the directions your life takes. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. You will need to know how to deal with them maturely.

Loneliness and Emotional Issues

The range of issues involving living alone and renting is not just a matter of bureaucracy and physical decisions. There are also existential issues, our internal issues as human beings.

It is possible to face this time of living alone in a negative way, of loneliness, but it can also be interpreted as a moment of self-knowledge. That’s because being alone a lot of the time can teach you how to handle yourself better. This is a big step towards maturity. Getting to know each other is always good. It makes us know how to make better decisions in life and not be so dependent on others.

Internal Structure of the Property

One of the issues that arise when we rent a property is its internal state, as we usually want to live in environments that are cozy and match our personal style. There are ways to adapt this by painting walls, decorating, lighting environments, combining furniture, and using imagination and creation.

Some things like moving windows and doors or tearing down internal walls are not going to be possible to do, especially if it’s an apartment. If the property has any structural damage that was not caused by the tenant, the costs should be borne by the owner or the real estate agent, and it is always good to keep this in mind. If you want to improve the space, the cost tends to be up to you.

In any case, you can always look for a real estate partner of Fix, as it will facilitate the resolution of all types of maintenance. In this case, the tenant requests maintenance, the real estate agency in partnership with Fix does the moderation, the owner receives the quotes and chooses a service provider, and everything is resolved quickly and practically. The advantage for the tenant is the agility in the process, in addition to being informed at all times of the procedures and having more reliability in work.

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