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How To Pick The Perfect Flower For The Right Occasions

Flowers are the best creation of Mother Nature. There are enough floral varieties out there. We don’t know all their names. The beauty of each flower is unique. Hence, people choose to send flowers as greeting gifts to their beloveds. Different cultures have different ways of celebrating occasions. And florists have assured that there are specific flowers for every single occasion. As consumers are laymen, we most of the time feel confused to choose the best flowers for our beloved ones. Here are some tips for  all occasions flowers and gifts you can choose from.

1) Red rose for a first romantic date

Dating is a modern stepping stone to getting into a relationship. There are traditional ways of meeting your loved one at your favorite place. And then there are online dating apps like Tinder, Bumble. In those apps, people connect to others as per their choice. In both cases, the first point of the meeting is a date. And the best flower to present someone on a first date is a red rose. A bouquet of red roses might express overconfidence. A single red rose would be one of the best flowers to propose to your crush.

2) Daisies for a wedding anniversary

It is best to celebrate the anniversary with this flower. Anniversary is a cyclical celebration of marriage every year. There are different varieties of flowers to wish anniversary. The best one is the daisies. Daisies are open flowers with mild fragrances. It signifies eternal fidelity and love. As per the customs, the white daisy is the best fifth-anniversary flower. There are blue and pink daisies as well which is out of tradition. Such floral bouquets are unique and can make your better half feel special.

3) Carnations for birthday

Birthday is the most special occasion in all people’s life. Every year, we wait for our beloved’s birthday to arrive. For birthdays, the beloved’s favorite floral bouquet would be amazing. But red carnations are to choose if one wants to go with the tradition. The red carnation is the flower of admiration and love. Also, it is a great flower to propose to someone on their special day. One can have a classmate or distant cousins who are not that close. In that case, one can choose white carnation as a birthday flower as well. It reflects good luck, purity, and peace. A pink carnation would also be the best one to express fondness and love to your BFFs.

4) White orchid for getting well soon

White is the symbol of peace and tranquility. Accidents or illnesses can occur to anyone at any time. At that crucial time, the patient needs people around them. To see a patient and express their quick recovery, a bouquet of white orchids would be perfect. Orchids are expensive flowers. The recipient would feel how blessed they are. This flower is a natural air purifier as well. Since the patient needs quality air to breathe in, this flower would be very helpful.

5) Tulips for congratulating someone

One should celebrate every little achievement in life. It is the significant others who make such a celebration remarkable. To send the best congratulation wish to your beloved, a bouquet of colorful tulips would be the best gift. Tulips are the ideal replacements for roses, without aroma. Such flowers are bright, colorful; look like inverted cups. These are ‘bulbous and unexposed’ as well. Hence there is no chance of getting into any pollen allergies as well. It is best to order flower bouquets from consegna fiori online sites.

6) Chrysanthemums for Funerals

Words fall short when we lose someone close. It leaves a space in our hearts and lives forever. No word can console the ones who lose their loved ones. The best way to express your heartfelt emotion to them is with chrysanthemums. One should keep in mind not to pick fragrant, colorful, and decorative flowers. A flower that has a mum in its name carries the best care for the ones left behind. It is difficult for them to forget the person. But this flower would help their healing with time. It is best to send them some green indoor plants as well. It will symbolize that life should go on.

7) Iris for saying thanks to someone

Some people in everyone’s life are very. We say them special ones thanks very rare. Yet we know how incomplete and disoriented we are without them. Thanksgiving is the occasion dedicated to them. On this occasion, one can present their beloved with a bouquet of blue irises. A bouquet of iris would carry the silent message of gratitude to your loved ones. It will bring a warm smile to their faces.

It is too difficult to talk enough about flowers. Above are the best flowers to choose from as per occasions for your beloveds.              

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