“Does my motorcycle need a motorcycle cover?” This is probably one of the significant questions some motorcycle owners ask. Most people believe that only four-wheeled vehicles should be maintained and protected. Motorcycles are also machines driven by engines, even though they have just two wheels. At any point, they could develop faults and need repairs if it is not adequately maintained, and the faults could be aggravated. 

Just the way a motor would require a car cover to prevent it from dirt, and damage, it also applies to motorcycles. Any rider who wishes to keep his bike protected from the weather and obsolete damages should seek a motorcycle cover because it is necessary for bike riders.

As long as your motorcycle is not covered while you store it indoors or outdoors, damages are still likely to occur. However, it could sometimes be challenging to determine which motorcycle cover best fits and protects your bike. 

Therefore, this article will provide vital criteria to consider when choosing a motorcycle cover and the best brands to patronize if you own a motorcycle and are prepared to purchase one.

How To Pick The Best Motorcycle Cover

Thoroughly checking out the right motorcycle cover is as significant as purchasing it. You wouldn’t want to experience stress while putting it on and getting it off your bike after taking the time to acquire it. Having vast knowledge of motorcycle covers can make it easier to select a quality one that fits your motorcycle, protects it from damage, and is durable. 

  1. Full Covers/Size: The most important factors to consider when selecting a motorcycle cover are size and fit. A motorcycle owner should choose a cover that perfectly fits and fully covers their bike to provide the proper coverage. Tiny covers will only partially cover your motorcycle, and they will end up leaving parts exposed to the elements. Also, getting an extra large cover is not advised because it gets saggy reaching the ground, which could get wet and still cause damage to your motorcycle.

So, measure your bike from front to end and up to down, including the wing mirrors and windshield, to ensure you get the right size cover. Also, carry your bike along or ride when going for a motorcycle cover purchase to test it out there on the spot. Acquiring a motorcycle cover with elastic hems and adjustable ropes is also a great option.

  1. Material: The material of a motorcycle cover is another crucial aspect to examine. It is essential to choose a cover made from high-quality, durable materials that can resist the elements, protect from any weather conditions, and last for years, preventing the frequent changes of motorcycle covers and saving cost. 

Preferred motorcycle cover materials include polyester, trampoline, nylon, and canvas. Polyester and nylon are lightweight, water resistant, and durable, allowing airflow to prevent moisture buildup. Canvas and trampoline are heavyweight and durable; they are an excellent choice for protection against natural elements.

  1. UV Protection: If you do not have a garage and frequently leave your motorcycle outside, UV protection is another factor to consider when getting a cover. UV protection would shield your bike from UV rays that can cause damage to your motorcycle’s paint, plastics, and other essential parts. So, looking for covers with UV-resistant properties that provide adequate protection against UV rays is necessary. Some motorcycle covers come with reflective coatings to help keep your bike cool.
  2. Security Features: If you risk parking your motorcycle in a disclosed and unsafe area prone to high levels of theft, consider buying a motorcycle cover with security features. Look for covers with strong grommets to protect against high winds and thefts, belly straps to wrap and buckle the covers beneath the bike, and holes that can be locked to the motorcycle to prevent your bike from being stolen.

Best Type of Motorcycle Cover

When purchasing a motorcycle cover, your primary focus should be quality, even if you have to invest a lot to acquire it. Get a body that will protect your two-wheeled engine when it rains, shines, or in any weather condition.

Although it can be challenging to figure out which brand makes the best motorcycle covers. We will present four of the best type of motorcycle covers to purchase from the best brands.

  1. Dowco- Guardian Weatherall Plus

The Guardian Weatherall Plus is Dowco’s top latest protection model and one of the more established names in the industry. The UV-resistant solution-dyed fabric treatment on the 300-denier woven polyester cover prevents fading and protects your bike from the sun’s harmful rays. It is breathable due to its GuardVent System, which is 195 percent larger than the previous version.

  1. XYZCTEM Motorcycle Covers.

XYZCTEM aims to maintain the fierce passion of motorcycle enthusiasts by keeping their machines safe and secure. Their wide range of automobile covers enables their customers to keep their Two-Wheeled and Four-Wheeledlovesl dazzling for a long time. Their products include the B&O 210D Motorcycle Cover, the 3000 outdoor motorcycle covers, etc., which protect motorcycles against rain, dust, frost, and UV. The covers have buckles on the front and rear that prevent them from blowing off the bikes. It is a top-notch motorcycle cover with UV treatment, and it will protect your motorcycle from sun exposure, high gusts, rain pour, and dents.

  1. Nelson Rigg Deluxe All-Season Cover

The Nelson Rigg Deluxe All Season Cover is an excellent option if you need a high-quality motorbike cover but are on a restricted budget. The Tri-Max polyester cover is on the more affordable end of the price range. It still has a two-year warranty and is reasonably robust. It is an all-season cover. It is UV-treated and water-resistant. 

  1. Oxford Rainex Cover

Suppose you are still determining what your motorcycle demands for storage and protection. This all-around high-quality motorcycle cover will hold up well in various conditions. There are four sizes that can fit the whole bike, from a Mini to a big motorcycle with bags and casings. This cover is solid and water-resistant due to the heavyweight fabric and externally glued seams. It has a heat shield liner and soft interior lining to protect the cover and your bike. It has an adjustable belly strap, eliminating the need to be elastic. 


The question asked in the first line of this read, “Yes, your motorcycle needs a motorcycle cover.” Acquiring a motorcycle is worth it, whether or not you plan to leave your bike indoors or outside for an extended time. 

In addition, bike covers protect your bike from natural hazards, including rain, wind, UV rays, dirt, and trash; motorcycle covers also safeguard the bike from theft. Investing in the right Motorcycle will prevent you from spending money on repairs and extra maintenance. 

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