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How To Plan The Perfect Trip To Netherlands

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This beautiful Nordic nation offers much more than its famous tulips and windmills. Dutch cities offer a wealth of attractions, from the city center’s majestic architecture to the canals. If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting before, now is the perfect time to plan a trip.

However, a perfect trip wouldn’t be complete without careful research. Not just researching the places you want to visit, but research into weather conditions, transportation options, touring safety such as using wie heeft mij gebeld o check for scam callers, and accommodation costs. These details matter when booking flights and looking for accommodations. Let us take a deeper look into it.

1. Accommodation

Most hostels offer dorms where guests share a bathroom and living space. You should expect to pay 15-35 euros per person per night for a bed. Some hostels offer private rooms, which are larger and have en suite bathrooms. These costs range from 50-100 euros per person per night in high season. The cheapest accommodation option is to stay in a hotel with shared bathrooms and no breakfast. Costs average about 45-65 euros per person per night. Airbnb is another good budget option, especially for more extended stays.

2. Transportation

You can save that extra cost of hiring a personal driver or hiring a car by using public transport. This also saves you from getting lost trying to find your way through lanes and avenues; plus, it is cheap. A single fare costs €4.00, and a day travel ticket costs €7.50. Trains run 24 hours a day and take about 2.5 hours to reach major cities such as Amsterdam. The Dutch National Rail Company runs regular trains throughout the country.

3. Convenient Packing

A quick guide for packing for your trip to the Netherlands. You’ll need clothes for every occasion, so bring plenty! Jeans, shorts, shirts, and swimwear are essential. You’ll also need shoes for walking around and comfortable footwear such as sandals or boots if you visit the beach. Also, pack a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and insect repellent. For women, additional toiletries may include eye cream, mascara, and perfume. Don’t forget to pack any prescription medication you might need during your stay.

4. Research On The Best Place to Visit

There are plenty of places to tour in the Netherlands. Some of them include doing include visiting Haarlem. Located next door to Amsterdam, Haarlem was once the largest city in the Netherlands and had a rich historical past. Take a tour of the city’s cobblestone alleyways and gothic architecture, and visit the oldest church in the country. In addition, there are plenty of museums and sites to explore. On April 26th, celebrate King Willem Alexander’s Birthday and enjoy the festivities. Be sure to get your tickets early as it is expected to sell out quickly. Knowing where to visit before visiting the Netherlands lets you know what gear to pack for the trip.

5. Food

A meal at a casual restaurant costs about 20-40 euros. Most people eat at home, so the weekly grocery bill averages about 50 euros. Grocery stores often offer discounts if you buy in bulk. Lastly, you can find cheap takeout options at fast food chains and coffee shops, saving almost half of what you would use in a casual restaurant.


A trip to the Netherlands would definitely be worthwhile. Not only does Amsterdam offer plenty of attractions, but it also has a great climate throughout the year. Additionally, the country offers affordable accommodation and tasty cuisine.

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