How to play Speed Roulette at a casino online

One of the games that have stood the test of time is the Roulette wheel, when we talk about a game that has been the favourite of many players for decades, then it is roulette. This game dates back to 18th century France and has kept the relevance since then. Such that even 21st-century players want to be a part of the game, they want to know how to play slot games. We’re sure you want to know how too, right?


This game is also called the Roulette wheel, simply because it has a wheel that rolls round and round on a table. It is a casino number game. This game is played by choosing numbers and placing a bet (or bets) on it. Roulette consists of different numbers (odd or even) and colours (red, black) and the numbers are grouped in this manner.

Also, there are considerations of a high of a low number. A roulette wheel has pockets, which refers to the areas that take on the roulette ball or the places where the ball may land on. There are 36 pockets in a Roulette game, although we can call it 37 because of the 0 pockets. One half of the pocket has colours in black and the other half in red (which are in odds and evens). Then the zeros are in green colours.

How to play the roulette

  • Make your bet (Dealer/Croupier throwing the ball into the spinning wheel). While betting continues.
  • The dealer lets the ball keep rolling before announcing “no more bets”. Betting stops.
  • When the ball lands on a number on a number in your wheel, the number it lands on determined the reward following the odds of the bets placed.

Tips to pay attention to in Speed Roulette Wheel

Roulette is a game of strategy, hence there are different strategies players use to win at Roulette. Let’s run the tips first.

  1. Try out the demo first – practice the game for free online, before playing for real money.
  2. Never rush to play – take your time in checking out the game table.
  3. Know tables to avoid, you can’t play any all tables, choose your table wisely
  4. European roulette over American roulette always. The roulette wheels have made this clear.
  5. New to online casinos? start from the lowest limits.
  6. Do not be too affixed on the odds.
  7. Keep your focus on the outside bets
  8. Speed roulettes are faster so you have to be equally fast.

Features of a roulette game

These are the things you can find in a roulette game

PocketsOddsEvensChipsWheelsBallsGreen ColoursRed ColoursBlack Colours

Types of Speed Roulette Betting

There are different speed roulette betting available, this include: Inside Bets, Outside bets, Announced Bets and Final Bets.

In summary

Roulette is a game that’s played around a wheel, speed roulette is roulette but with speed. It means that it faster and the wheels go round faster. This game is played by one to seven players at once as the table is made for. Players keep on placing bets until the dealers that it should stop. Whatever number and chip the ball lands on, determines the win.

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