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How to process your photos like a pro: 3 main apps to use to get a bomb picture for social media

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It doesn’t matter why you need cool photos on Insta — the main thing is to understand how to process them so that you never have to buy likes on Instagram and they all come to you naturally. You don’t actually need much for that, 3 simple apps will do greatly, if you use them in the right order.

  1. Lightroom. An oldie, but a goodie for sure: use this one in the first place to make sure that your picture has no excessive yellow or red tones — it doesn’t make any photo better or prettier. You can regulate what colours are going to dominate in your picture and decide how you’re going to process it later. Lightroom fits perfectly for a nice start.
  2. Peachy. This is real gold for those who don’t want to pay money for FaceTune. Using this one you can retouch the texture of the skin, fix minor imperfections and add some nice filters if needed. You can also add some glitches and applications if you may — sometimes people just need to make a photo look funky and catchy, and in this case options like this help a lot.
  3. Collageable. If you need to show before and after, if you need to compare two different products or if you need to put several photos into one big piece — this app is very much needed to fulfill your needs. Of course, there are options and you can operate however you want, but we’d recommend this one as it has no built in purchases and can offer many different forms of collages.

Surely, there are bits and bobs that you might want to take from other apps, but these are the basics that you should definitely apply to your photos in case you want to never buy Instagram likes for them. Well, paid promotion is needed, but it shouldn’t become a routine for you — attaining thumbs up and subs is great in cases when you need to get yourself a little boost. But you have to gain the same number of thumbs up later, the only thing that matters is that Insta algorithm should see you as a real profile that’s able to interest other people.

If you understand that photo processing is difficult for you, and you generally do not really understand how to better organize the visual component of your profile — you can always ask for help from professionals. There are both common content managers who can take care of all types of content on your pages at once, and graphic designers who will help to create a high-quality visual. If you are not ready to regularly pay for the work of specialists, then you can take a huge number of different courses that are offered today by many educational platforms — anything you want from how to process a photo on your phone, to operating Photoshop like a pro.

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