How To Record A Tutorial Video

Tutorials are a great form of communication for teachers, instructors, and trainers. Especially now that online teaching, webinars, and training are becoming normal and beating the boundaries, you can go global with your tutorials. A great way to make effective tutorials is to record the webcam online and the screen. Adding your webcam recording to the tutorial enhances the delivery rate and communicates the knowledge more effectively. In this research paper, the author noted that;

“The results showed that the video lecture by the enhanced-expression teacher was better than those with the conventional-expression teacher and with the audio-only for facilitating students’ social presence, arousal level, and long-term learning.” 

How To Record A Tutorial Video Using Vidnoz Flex Screen Recorder?

Vidnoz Flex screen recorder is a fully featured online screen recorder that is a great tool for creating killer tutorials that are both engaging and effective. You can record your screen, webcam online, share and track your video, and better communicate your knowledge and ideas. The ability to record webcam and screen makes Vidnoz the best choice for tutorial recording, so we will see how it works. 

Step 1: Navigate to and select Product>Online Tools>Screen Recorder.

Step 2: The tool is free to use. However, you need to sign in.

Step 3: In the next screen, choose screen + webcam to record the online webcam with your screen. You can show your presentation on the screen while the webcam recording shows your face.

Step 4: Click the Start Recording button.

Step 5: Voila! Your great tutorial is being recorded now.

How can you make your tutorial more effective?

Vidnoz screen recorder not only records your screen and records webcam online but also offers various features that make your video more professional and effective.

  1. You can add virtual background to your webcam recording. You can choose from blurred, colorful backgrounds and multiple internal backgrounds. It is especially useful if you want to maintain a uniform brand identity and look and feel of your tutorials. 
  2. Teleprompter shows you the script and automatically scrolls for a better reading experience. Hence the teacher looks more confident, and there are fewer mistakes. You do not need to switch to any third-party tool while you record webcams online using Vidnoz.
  3. You can share your tutorials and track their progress using the tracking mechanism of the Vidnoz screen recorder. You can see the analytics of your videos, including the views, comments, likes, etc., without switching to any other tool. 

Vidnoz is a professional, fully featured, yet free screen recorder that lets you capture your screen, create talking avatar, and record a webcam online without downloading. It is a must-have tool for any teacher or trainer because they can access it anywhere using the internet and make professional and effective tutorials online. It is scientifically proven that teachers’ facial expressions enhance engagement and effectiveness of the tutorial and communicate the message more clearly.

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