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How to replace an interior door?

Changing the interior doors can revolutionize the overall look of your house décor. Doors always come in for most things to make the look of your house décor more cohesive. Changing the doors is one of the most cost-effective and least efforts putting jobs which can be pulled with some online tutoring and knowing the basics of doors changing. Therefore, your main concern should be how to replace an interior door?

Things required for interior door replacement:

You will be needing the following tools and accessories while replacing the old door with or without the same frame.

Utility knife, drill bit, Centering bit, Hammer, Drill extensions, measuring tap, Hand plane, driver, Hole saw bit, Screwdriver, Combination square, spade bit, saw guide, Circular saw, and chisel.

Step by step guideline

Replacing the door in the old jamb is always the best option when you want to change your door for upgrading the style or even replacing the distorted door.

  • Stage 1:

Although there are standard heights of the doors available in the market. However, you should always come ready by accurately measuring the height, width, and thickness of the doors.

The tip here is to be cautious of the manufacturer’s steno wordings of the measurement for instance 4-0(four-oh) means the door is 4 feet and 0 inches.

  • Stage 2:

Be cautious of removing the nails and always removes the lowers nails before so that you might not end up hurting yourself. Also, use the hammer in case you are not able to remove nails from your hand. Do not lose the nails and place them in the jambs to reuse them when placing the new door. Also you can prefer Movable Operable Walls to your office or home that make your place more modern and attractive.

  • Stage 3:

You need to perfectly mark the new door by taking the exact measurements from the old door and making sure that you are trimming the same size. Also, check for doorknobs and place them in the same place as these were placed in the old door.

  • Stage 4:

By using the circular saw and straightedge guide you will be able to trim the same height door as the old one. Also, be cautious of trimming in width.

  • Stage 5:

You need to place the old door on top of the new one to measure the exact trim and ensure that holes are on the same side and same place. For this purpose, the knife is the best option to mortise the door.

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  • Stage 6:

Now you need to chisel the hinges for the new door. For this purpose, you need to vertically tilt the new door and then carefully use the chisel so that you don’t dig in quite deep and you are mortising in the exact place.

  • Stage 7:

Now carefully place the screws into the holes which have been chiseled before. Keep in check the depth of the hole to ensure a strong grip.

  • Stage 8:

Now drill the doorknobs by using the 2 1/8 saw hole. You may want to place the doorknobs after polishing the new door

  • Final stage:

Now place the door and make sure to check the perfection of the door replacement. In case the door is shattering you need to bend the metal tab which is placed in the strike plate.

That is how you simply can replace an interior door.

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