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How to Respond to Negative Reviews Online?

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Getting negative reviews online is a very tough situation for businesses. We all feel aggressive and defensive, just like someone trying to attack you personally. In the digital world, we are no strangers to the concept of negative reviews. A negative review puts a bad impression on the quality of your work and the people who love your business. 

A negative review is not a big deal, in that case when you get positive customer feedback- but it is always the best choice to address the situation accordingly. Negative reviews are considered the real consequences to attract more potential customers. Usually, the customer posts online reviews to form their opinion ahead of purchasing. 

So, are you aware of how to respond to negative reviews without getting defensive or angry? In this blog, we’re going to tell you how to respond to the negative reviews more-specifically by using the following easy tacts: 

5 Ways To Respond To Negative Reviews 

Check the step-by-step guide to know how to reply the negative reviews to get customer trust back and improve your business’s online reputation: 

Quick Response 

One of the main issues companies face is failing to respond quickly to a negative review. It’s all understandable you have an entire business to run. As soon as you’re aware of a negative review, give your 5 minutes to address it. Never take this topic for too long that makes an apology insincere. Most of the online reviews are stamped with the date so that customers can see how long it took to get back to them. Quickly respond to the queries and look into the matter as soon as possible. 

Always Respond 

This tactic is a bit controversial. Some reputation management companies will tell you that the reply if the response is necessary and depends on the situation. Make sure that you are not simply responding to negative reviews. Responding to the reviews addresses thousands of potential customers that read the negative review. Analyze the complaint well and look into the matter. If it seems the complaint is valid, it looks like the company truly understands the importance of good customers. 

Don’t Take Negative Reviews Personally 

A bad customer review hits like a personal attack. As we all know, negative reviews can have real consequences for your business’s success. As a business owner, keep this thing in mind the customer doesn’t know you personally. They don’t know how great you’re and how much you care for a better customer experience with the product and how badly you want to serve the customers. So do not take the negative review personally and try to address the negative review professionally without getting defensive and aggressive. 


Feel apologize and show empathy while acknowledging the issue. If you feel the customer is wrong and the review is not valid, you always take the high road by issuing an apology. Use politeness in your words because an apology appeases the customers, it shows others that you are giving your best to serve your customers better. 

Invite Reviewers To Discuss The Matter Offline 

Invite the reviewer to solve the problem offline. While you respond to the negative review publically on the platform where it posts, you can also address the reviewer to continue the conversation offline. Decide whether you like to have a conversation over a phone call, video chat, or email, and move the conversation into private messages. 

Final Words 

Frankly, getting bad reviews spoils our whole mood. But it does not have to! Responding to every negative review is part of keeping the integrity of your business. In an ideal world, every internet review of your company would be positive. Unfortunately, it’s a dangerous nightmare that is not realistic. It also seems unfair, so it’s important to acknowledge all the negative reviews to get a better customer experience. 

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