Excessive sweating is a concern that many people deal with. Those suffering end up using every possible method to curb and bring it down. All the antiperspirants, deodorants and clothing protectors are not enough. Sweating still ends up wreaking havoc. When one sweats excessively, it can make one feel more conscious than usual. This is when you might find yourself looking for better and long-lasting alternatives. Miradry Toronto is a revolutionary technology which can help to stop sweat easily. It is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that is increasingly becoming a popular choice for dealing with excessive underarm sweat. We are here to tell you about this innovative treatment that can help you bid farewell to excessive underarm sweating forever.

Why should you consider Miradry treatment?

Deciding to undergo any cosmetic treatment can give rise to apprehensions. As the treatment can help to curb excessive sweating, it will allow you to feel more confident at work and in your personal space. You will no longer have to use heavy antiperspirants to curb sweating. No more worrying about ruining your clothes with sweat patches. This, in turn, will help you to feel more confident. A great thing about Miradry treatment is that it gets done quickly.

How does Miradry work?

MiraDry is a cosmetic treatment that targets excessive sweating. It is a fast and painless way to stop the overactive sweat glands. This treatment makes use of a non-invasive device which works by directing energy onto the sweat glands. The energy destroys the sweat glands which are the main source of underarm perspiration. MiraDry makes use of precise heat technology to destroy them. The thermal waves know how to target the exact area without impacting the surrounding tissue. As it is a non-ablative laser treatment, it only targets the underlying structure and not the skin that covers it. MiraDry works by destroying the underlying sweat glands without any pain, sutures or injections.

How safe is the treatment?

As the treatment involves destroying the sweat glands, you might find yourself wondering if it is a safe treatment option. Sweat glands help to moderate body temperature, the amount of sweat gland that is destroyed is about 2% of the total. The treatment doesn’t impair the body’s ability to cool itself. Right after the treatment, you will see a reduction in the underarm sweat, whereas the remaining sweat glands are unaffected.

Does this treatment impact underarm hair growth?

Apart from targeting the sweat glands, this treatment also has another advantage. While destroying the sweat glands, it also destroys hair follicles present in the underarm. After undergoing MiraDry you no longer have to worry about waxing or underarm hair removal.

Schedule an appointment

If sweating is something that is standing in the way of you achieving your utmost confidence, it is time to book an appointment for MiraDry. Speak to a specialist and discuss your concerns. This will help them to curate a treatment plan that helps to fight excessive sweating.

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