How to Set a Custom Payment Page for Your Business?

When you have already shipped a product or offered a service to your customers, it is time to receive the payment. As an owner of a business, assisting your customers in making payments as quickly and effectively as possible is one of your most significant tasks.

You possibly know how essential online payments are and how much they support cash flow. Giving your customers a choice to pay online for your product or service assures that they have a great experience by paying you. Thus, they do not have to handle the problem of wasting time by giving cash or depositing checks. To get online payments, you will have to direct customers to an online payment page, where they may enter their payment method information to make the payment.

What Is a Payment Page?

The payment page is a web page that lets customers make a payment for the products or services they purchased. After adding the products to the shopping cart, the user should ideally be taken to the payment page, choose the payment method and feed the data that is essential for completing the action.

What are the Different Types of Payment Pages?

·         HPP (Hosted Payment Page) 

This page comes when a customer is sent to an external link to make the payment.

·         API Page

This page comes when a customer pays for products and services within the website.

Creating a Payment Page

Creating and hosting a payment page requires good technical knowledge, monetary investment, and adherence to PCI security benchmarks to ensure customers’ sensitive details are managed appropriately. This will make you responsible for the risks involved in payment mistakes or security infringements that may occur throughout a transaction. In addition, you will require customizing these pages to indicate your business or brand.

Nimbbl offers you ready-to-use and customized payment pages in a few clicks. You may also link to one of the most prominent PCI-compliant payment gateways to gather payments.

Why use Nimbbl for Customized Payment Pages?

Nimbbl’s payment pages allow you to customize payment pages and merge with various payment gateway aggregators like Razorpay, PayU, Cashfree and more to receive payments online. Here’s how your business may benefit from payment pages:

Take out obstacles to developing and hosting payment pages

Although it is not impossible to develop and host your payment page, making one yourself needs more time and resources. On top of that comes the risk of having an execution failure with them. To receive payments from customers, you require a PCI certificate, which shows one more challenge, provided how stringent those security rules are. With Nimbbl, you can effortlessly put up a payment page and start directly collect payments from your client base.

You can also employ numerous payment pages for each kind of transaction. For instance, you could keep a single payment page for receiving charity funds and a further page for gathering payments from routine customers. All you require to do is sign up, connect with the team to get your payment page, keep the URL link to your website or portal, and leave the part of hosting and payment processing on Nimbbl.

Accept payments safely

When processing any transaction, safety is the top concern. Details your customer inserted on a payment page require being safely transmitted and cannot be misused. This signifies any detail your customers insert can only be seen by them, your payment gateway, and their financial institution. This takes out any security flaws all through the transaction.

Fast payment flow

With the Nimbbl flow, your customers can complete payments within seconds. The Nimbbl one-click checkout is built of fast payment methods like BNPL, UPI. Every customer see personalized payment methods without any password or OTPs to login and to access their fast payment methods.

Integrate smoothly

With HPP or hosted payment pages, once a payment page has been developed, you need to get a method to incorporate payment gateways that consider all the currencies you handle. This can be tiresome and costly. Therefore, using pages already integrated with several payment gateways is not expensive and less time-consuming.

Final Words

You can’t receive online payments without a secure payment page; thus, it is an imperative aspect of your business. Ensuring your payment page renders your business brand and offers an easy checkout for your customers is essential. With Nimbbl payment pages, you can make sure your customer is supported to pay you timely. These payment pages ease the process, but it also removes the problem around developing and hosting a payment page and gives your customer a sleek payment experience to go with your product or service. this is a reference link for better understanding of the product 

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