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How to Share Reels on Instagram [A 2023 Guide]

Reels are now preferred by the Instagram algorithm. Opening the IG app will probably provide more clips than actual feed posts. That being said, posting videos is the way to go if you’re building your brand or want to increase your IG following. However, you shouldn’t stop there. Making a video might sometimes be time-consuming, but you’ll want to share it everywhere you can. By the way, it is important to know how to share reels on Instagram.

It’s a good thing that the network allows you to share videos with other users, on your IG story, and even on websites like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Reels are best for discoverability, but Instagram stories are the best for interacting with and engaging your existing following. Because of this, if you submit a video, don’t forget to publish it in your narrative as well. The process is simple, however, it’s preferable to leave the IG app when making videos if you want to make sure you only share the most captivating content. 

Editing tools like Lift: Reels & Story Maker are now available. This story maker may assist you in creating the most stunning videos that your audience won’t want to miss. It also can explain to you how to post reels on instagram story without posting.

How to Use This Program?

To begin with, get it from the App Store. Along with increasing your follower interaction, contributing videos to your stories is a terrific method to add as many additional effects, texts, stickers, and even doodles as you desire. The same applies to any other videos you choose to show your audience.  Scrolling through your social media feeds is all it takes to share videos on the story without posting to your feed. 

There are several approaches to taking care of this, and it all depends on whether you have your very own video to give or have discovered one that is deserving of sharing from someone else. Also, the platform’s blog remarked how to share full reels on instagram story.

How to Share Someone’s Reel to Your Story

So how to share reels on instagram story? To start sharing a video on your network story, locate it and touch the Share icon on the left side of the screen. Select Add video to your tale after that. You can view the video in the network story editor. Tap Your Story in the lower left corner of the screen after making the necessary modifications.

How to Make Good Reels?

Making a photo collage or editing video videos is only one aspect of posting videos. That’s boring, and viewers won’t likely care about them. If you’re trying to monetize your content, every viewer who misses your video represents a loss.

videos should be entertaining to watch and listen to. Make an effort and carve out some time to carefully edit your video. Use fashionable fonts, and when appropriate, add effects, stickers, GIFs, audio, or music.

Think about the size of the video. You can upload a video on a network for up to 60 seconds, but you don’t have to use the entire time. As viewers choose whether to skip or watch the entire video, the initial three seconds are always critical.

In Conclusion 

Instagram provides sufficient features to allow you to add effects and music to your video, but if you want to get creative, it can still be rather constricting. You can edit your videos in Story Maker exactly how you want. You can edit your video on this app by adding text, effects, animations, GIFs, stickers, filters, audio, and a variety of music.

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