How to start dropshipping with Daehan Trading?

More than 10 years ago, after a successful start at home in Korea, Daehan Trading entered the markets of Asia, Europe, and America. It helps build a business, connect partners, negotiate and close deals by making the most of dropship opportunities, an effective online promotion model.

Large industrial companies often have no idea how hard it can be to find exactly their products, specific goods or their analogues. Search engines are sometimes powerless. The language barrier and regional specifics of the terms get in the way. It can be very difficult to find the right model, identify the required article and understand the characteristics of the product, if you are on the other side of the planet. Those who want to buy a small batch of industrial goods are often confused by the complex multi-level production structures, unsuccessfully trying to reach dealers, cannot find sales contacts.

If your business is cars and their components. If you urgently need equipment for the PBX, electrical equipment and computers. If you are looking for a supplier of pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment. If you sell small wholesale goods and are therefore interested in small batches of building materials, pipes and repair tools. Then this article is for you!

 “5” Daehan Trading.

Daehan Trading Co. works with suppliers and distributors, helps you find those who need their goods, takes care of the negotiation part of the buying and selling process, and calculates the most reliable supply chains and channels.

Daehan Trading’s FIVE components are:

  1. Professionalism: You cannot develop your skills without constantly improving.
  2. Trust: Honesty in everything, and faithfulness in details. 3.
  3. dependability: faithfulness and commitment
  4. experience: professionals change the world and work wonders
  5. Quality: no major and minor – the interests of all parties to the transaction are equal
  6. Success: the result of hard work in achieving the goals set

How to build a business by dropshipping?

Dropshipping is outsourcing most of the supply chain. The dropshipper’s partner (manufacturer/supplier/dealer) is responsible for producing the product, storing it, shipping it, and delivering it to customers. This greatly reduces overhead costs. The dropshipper handles product marketing and other business operations.

A dropship startup business looks approximately as follows:

  1. select a niche and product;
  2. study the competitive market;
  3. research, understand and segment the target audience;
  4. search and analyze suppliers;
  5. become a partner;
  6. register on direct delivery sites or create your own website;
  7. work on business marketing;
  8. promote products in social networks or through paid advertising;
  9. work on customer loyalty.

To make this business model work to its full potential, you need a good marketing strategy, effective sales funnels, constant lead generation and working on customer loyalty.

Business with Daehan Trading

Are you looking for a product, wondering how to reach the manufacturers of the products you want? It’s, at times, difficult. How do you know you are getting a good deal and that the supplier will not let you down?

Daehan Trading Co. Ltd. searches for the goods the customer needs, checks the counterparty, and optimizes all costs as much as possible. Baers and marketers call partner bases and test manufacturers. “80 evaluation criteria” is an express audit that Daehan Trading conducts to check the supplier, as well as the purity and quality of the transaction.

How does dropshipping help build a serious online business with minimal investment? How to use it to test a new business idea for your online store?

The merits of dropshipping are often undeservedly downplayed, describing this business model as a scheme for reselling only popular goods, products with small margins. It’s not. Starting a dropship company can be a great start to a new business and a good complement to an existing business.

Daehan Trading works with manufacturers who process raw materials and produce both finished products and goods for construction, pharmacy, household goods, interior elements and furniture, food.

Daehan Trading’s customers include operating companies, pharmaceutical companies, construction divisions, electrical stores, system integrators, ventilation and air conditioning companies.

Daehan Trading for your offline and online business

Daehan Trading helps offline businesses and online stores start their dropshipping business. The company’s specialists conduct in-depth customer market research, identify new niches, study the competitive environment, segment the market and target audiences. They determine the goals and features of the industry.

Daehan Trading marketers:

  • Study the direction in which the customer wants to work
  • calculate costs
  • determine the size of minimum batches
  • Analyze promotion channels for products sold
  • place information on online cards
  • set up search advertising
  • analyze ways to promote business in social networks

Separately, the search, upgrade and improvement of the customer base is carried out. Building dropshipping website you can start with a small landing page, and then, after determining the exact activity, order a full-fledged web resource. Filling the site and its SEO-promotion can also be part of the Daehan Trading team’s work. 

Daehan Trading for online stores

Daehan Trading specialists help to create business pages on marketplaces and are engaged in comprehensive promotion of partners’ online stores, it includes:

  • advertising in social networks
  • mailing of commercial offers by e-mail
  • context and media advertising
  • search engine optimization

Daehan Trading’s international dropship platform connects manufacturers, distributors, dealers and dropshippers. An innovative information retrieval system allows you to compare supplier offers, optimize your supply chain, and collect data in real time.

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