How to start your career in the jewelry business.

Jewelry making is a long process that needs a lot of patience, which involves smoothing and polishing, mounting, positioning, cutting stones and gems and even ring making. Aspiring jewelry makers can prepare for a career in the jewelry business by completing formal education program in fine arts or jewelry design. In order to be a successful jewelry maker you need to have some qualities such as artistic ability, fashion sense and interpersonal skills. You also need to know your way around CAD programs.

Here is how you can start a career in the jewelry business.

  • Complete an educational or training experience

It is important to complete a formal education programs as people won’t hire you if you are not qualified. These programs teach the basics you need to know about jewelry making such as polishing, setting etc. These programs also give you enough training so you can have an edge as a graduate when you go find work as a bench jeweler. These programs last for six months to a year and are offered in numerous technical and vocational schools.

You can also complete an apprenticeship after graduating, or as an alternative to formal education in case you can’t complete your formal education. During an apprenticeship, you learn jewelry making techniques and skills from a professional.

  • Find employment

The jewelry business is competitive and is full of opportunities for bench jewelers. They can find work at jewelry shops, repair shops, retailers or even at jewelry manufacturing plants. They could even start their own business. Bench jewelers will need professional credentials and good reputation if they decide to start their own business. They will also need enough money to pay for the start-up costs such as rent.

  • Consider certification

There are organizations that offer at least 4 distinct credentials to bench jewelers. Having a certification isn’t necessary but these certifications are considered benchmarks of professional competence which might give you the edge over the other bench jewelers. The 4 credentials are:Certified Bench Jeweler Technician (CBJT), Certified Bench Jeweler (CBJ), Certified Senior Bench Jeweler (CSBJ) and Certified Master Bench Jeweler (CSMJ).

In order to obtain each of these credentials you need to pass both a written and practical examination administered by organizations that offer these credentials.

  • Consider continuing your education.

There are 4 year programs which provide a massive amount of information and training for the soon-to-be jeweler. An example of these kind of programs is Bachelor of Fine Arts in jewelry design. A lot of fashion and design schools offer Bachelor of Fine Arts in jewelry design. Doing this program is not necessary but it gives you an edge since big firms look for people who have done this program since this program not only consists of typical coursework but it also consists of metalworking, color techniques and the history of jewelry.

These are the best steps you need to follow in order to start your career in jewelry makin

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