How to Take Your Job Application Game to Its Full Potential?

If you are the one who is looking for a job at this time of pandemic, then this one is for you. Everyday there are a lot of people trying their best to land a job to cope up with their everyday need. There are a lot of ready-made resume templates on the internet you can find and will definitely help you land your job, whether you wanted an office desk job, or you wanted a job on digital marketing services, or in an accounting office, or you wanted to land on your dream job? You can absolutely do it with this following tips!

In order for you to land your very first job or your very own dream job, you need to think about how to impress the application personnel. And this will not need for you to have a great educational background although you really need to have an educational background to some of the jobs but if you are an undergrad, still you can land on your first job.

Here are some tips to step up your game on your job application.

Build a career-specific resume.

Every job application will require you to pass a resume. Your resume will be the basis if you are suitable for the job you are applying for. Making a career-based resume will give you a head start. Look at your target job, sight the skills and the requirements that it needed then on your very own resume sight those essential qualities.

Create a cover letter.

Your cover letter explains why you are the one fit for the job you are applying for. Use enthusiasm, sight the relevant skills that the company can invest to. This letter will come before your resume. Do not over inform your business letter as your resume will loose its purpose. Also, do include some facts about the business, this will make the hiring officer an idea that you really know the company.

Ask for help.

There are some situations that you will never know what to do after. With that don’t hesitate to ask questions to your friends and colleagues, they can help you. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Also, do your own research. The internet will also let you know about the things you are not sure about. Research about the company culture, what are their vision, mission, and goals. This will help you when you reach the actual interview.

Prepare and Practice for Interviews.

After passing your resume, if given, you will have an interview with the company’s hiring officer. But before you reach on that situation try to practice answering interview questions. This will help you gain confidence when the actual interview occurs. On this time of pandemic, most of the job interview occur virtually. So, with that situation do your homework. Practice doing an interview with your friends. Do research for the company background and what is their standing on the corporate world, what kind of company are they, or have your friends ask you difficult interview questions to prepare you well. With that you won’t loose your confidence if you are asked with the same questions, you already practiced.

Dress for Success.

Always dress well in an interview. Whether this interview is conducted virtually or face-to-face. Dressing well can give you a higher chance of landing your first job. The better you dress, the much better your first impression is. Avoid wearing clothes that is not well suited for the company culture. Research how the company employees commonly dress, do some research about the corporate dress code. Also, do act the right way, show confidence. This will grab their attention and will get you a higher chance of landing the job.

Prime Your Reference.

Human resource always look for a third-party reference about you. They will probably ask for character reference, how you work, are you a good employee. If this is your first job, they will probably ask what type of person you are, so do inform your reference about this. This will give them the idea that they will receive a call from the company you applied. They can help you get into that job you always wanted for.

Build your Network.

Yes, you read it right. You need to build your own network. They will help you in looking for future opportunities. Some people in your network will help you get hired easily; some will help you look for a job without you asking for it. Your network is your asset, invest your time in building your network. Socialize, meet new people. You might not know; you might meet a company owner.

Don’t Get Discouraged.

This is easier said than done. But that is part of the job searching process. Don’t loose hope if you haven’t landed the job that you are applying for. If you haven’t got the job, don’t be discouraged. Assess where you lack at, improve, and apply again. Most company’s are hiring, you might land the job for you sooner.

Take time to work yourself, find opportunities. There are a lot out there that is waiting for. Write your resume and try to apply. Job application is a journey and an experience where you can learn so much.  

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