How To Track Your Flights And PNR Status In A Few Simple Steps


Have you ever wanted to track your flights online, but weren’t sure how? Or maybe you’re finding it difficult to check the flight pnr status of your booking without going through a lot of hassle? If this is you, then don’t worry—we have some simple steps that you can use to easily track the status of your flight and get the information you need. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use the Flight Status and PNR tracking services available online so that you can keep a close eye on your bookings and stay informed about any changes or delays. Keep reading to learn more!

What is a PNR number?

A PNR number is a unique identifier that is assigned to a passenger when they book a flight. This number can be used to track the flight and check the status of the booking. The PNR number is usually printed on the ticket and can also be found in the booking confirmation email.

How to find your PNR number

“If you’re not familiar with the term, your PNR number is your personal identification number for a particular flight booking. You can find your PNR number on your confirmation email or e-ticket, or by calling the airline directly.

Once you have your PNR number, tracking your flight and PNR status is easy. Just enter your PNR number into the appropriate field on the website of your chosen airline or travel site. In most cases, you’ll then be able to view information about your upcoming flight, including departure and arrival times, terminal information, and seat assignments.

In some cases, you may also be able to view your booking details and make changes to your reservation online. If you need to contact the airline for any reason, having your PNR number handy will make the process much easier.”

How to track your flight status

There are a few different ways that you can track your flight status. If you have your flight information handy, you can check the status of your flight on the airline’s website or on a flight tracking website like

If you don’t have your flight information handy, you can also use a flight tracking website to look up your flight by its airline and route. Once you’ve found your flight, you can track its progress on a map in real-time.

If you’re curious about the status of your aircraft while it’s in the air, many airlines now offer live aircraft tracking via their websites or mobile apps. This feature allows you to see where your plane is at any given moment during its journey.

Tips for tracking your PNR status

Assuming that you have your PNR number ready with you, the process of tracking your PNR status is quite simple. Here are a few tips to make it even simpler and more efficient:

-Log onto the official website of the airline you are flying with. Look for the ‘Bookings’ or ‘PNR Status’ section and enter your PNR number in the given space.

-If you are not comfortable with using the airline’s website, there are a number of other websites such as Cleartrip, MakeMyTrip, Yatra etc. which also offer this service.

-If you are tracking your PNR status via an SMS service, simply send an SMS to the five-digit short code of your airline followed by your 10-digit PNR number. You will receive an automated response with your current PNR status.


Tracking your flight pnr status can be a time-consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be. By following the tips provided in this article, you should now know how easy it is to track all of your flight information with just a few simple steps. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, knowing when and where you need to go will make sure that your trip runs as smoothly as possible. With the help of these tracking tools and resources, keeping an eye on any upcoming trips has never been easier!

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