How to Transition to Living in a Small City in Oklahoma

The wild country, sprawling plains dotted with bison, and dazzling metropolises like Oklahoma City and Tulsa. These are technically the two sides of the state of Oklahoma.

There’s the charming country life with its cowboy vibe, and then there’s the glamorous, fast-paced life in the major cities.

Between the two are beautiful towns and small cities like Bartlesville and Guthrie that carry their own unmistakable charm.

Now, whether you are an Oklahoma resident or moving in from another state, transitioning to one of the small cities in Oklahoma like Perry calls for good planning.

We can show you how to make a smooth transition and, right away, start to enjoy living in a small Oklahoma city.

Keeping in Mind Your Destination

You may find it challenging to just transplant yourself into the life of a small city and continue with business as usual. The change will most likely affect some aspects of your life.

When you consider where you are coming from and your destination, you will be able to anticipate specific changes and scenarios and draft a course of action accordingly.

Here are things to keep in mind when transitioning to a small city in Oklahoma:

1. The Cost of Living

One of the advantages of living in a small city is enjoying some of the perks of urban life without the steep costs that come with a big city.

Generally, the cost of living would be lower in a small city than in a large one due to factors like real estate prices and population.

The good thing about Oklahoma is that it’s the third state with the lowest cost of living in the country. That means it will be relatively affordable in mega metropolitan areas like Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Considering life in a small city is generally affordable, you may find that your finances go a bit further in a small Oklahoma city. However, only research will help you know that for sure.

You may have to compare prices from housing to groceries to determine which city suits you best.

2. The Pace of Life

Life in a small city in Oklahoma is unlikely to be as vibrant as in any major city. but if you are moving in from a small town or country, you will find the pace of life is more accelerated.

These days, all aspects of life, even in remote places, are highlighted by influencers. You can tap into that resource to learn more about where you’re moving to.

It’s advisable to take a trip to the city you are interested in to explore and investigate. Get to know people and learn the history of the place. Still, as a new resident, you may want to be more receptive to understanding the culture.

3. Your Needs

Everyone’s needs vary, and where you choose to live will either meet those needs or not.

You may use childcare services or want proximity to certain amenities like schools, malls, parks, public transport, religious centers, etc. These are things to research in advance to make sure your transition to life in a small city isn’t going to be challenging.

We encourage visiting in person and checking off your list as you go. It will give you a clear picture of what you are signing up for.

4. Health Care Services 

There’s nothing more crucial than your well-being, and the healthcare scene in your destination will affect that. While modern medical services are available in small Oklahoma cities, they may not meet your expectations.

Expect fewer and less equipped medical facilities than those available in major cities. As such, you may want to plan well if you or a loved one suffers from a serious medical condition that calls for specialist care.

Still, general services are usually available. If you’re on medical cannabis, nothing changes since the drug is fully legal in the state. The process for acquiring medical marijuana is also simplified.

Final Thoughts

Most of what affects your transition depends on where you lived previously. If you are moving from one small city to another, the change may not be that much because of the features they share.

While you should expect your fair share of challenges, life in a small Oklahoma city is going to be delightful, laidback, modern, and unique.

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