How To Turn A Childhood Photo Into Canvas Print

Looking to secure your childhood memories at home? What’s better than turning it into a canvas print for better display?

We tend to miss the days when stress was at bay and life was good! But, in today’s busy life, one glance at an old picture can put an instant smile on your face.

In fact, these pictures should be implanted right at the center of your living room. The touch of canvas with the simplicity of your childhood days is the best adornment for the house.

Are you wondering how to turn a childhood photo into canvas print? If so, then read this article to know the entire process.

Steps to Turn Childhood Pictures into Canvas Print

Usually, the process of turning childhood pictures into a canvas print is relatively straightforward. Within simple steps, you will see your old days turning into live memories. All you need to do is follow the steps given below.

#1 Look for Professional Canvas Print Providers

Start by looking for a name that makes the finest canvas prints. When choosing a provider, make sure that they have expertise in the field.

They should use premium quality canvas with different layout options. The quality of the ink for pictures should be top-notch as well. For example, you can try canvas photo prints at Elephantstock. The quality is pretty good, with flexible options for layout, motifs, and designs.

#2 Choose the Layout, Size, and Depth

After selecting the right canvas print providers, it’s time to input the details like layout, size, and depth. Based on these aspects, your childhood canvas print will be created.

Layouts for photo prints can range from typical horizontal shapes to square ones. Then there are other options as well, including panorama, wide, and vertical.

Following that, select the overall size of the picture. Usually, it starts from 23″x14″ and exceeds 68″x45″. For depth, you can choose from .75 to 1.5″. 

#3 Get it Printed

After that, all you have to do is add the picture to the cart and get it printed. Yes, it’s that simple. Make sure to complete the payment as directed by the provider.It does not take much time to complete the entire process. However, once you receive the canvas photo, make sure to place it in an appropriate place.

Tips to Place the Childhood Canvas Print On Your Room

Coming to the placement and arrangement of your childhood photos, here are a few easy steps you can follow. 

Select a Suitable Room:

This step requires a bit of thinking. Take your time to decide which room is fitting to display your childhood pictures. It could be any space starting from living rooms to bedrooms.

Modify its Placement:

Positioning your childhood photo depends on the area that you want to highlight. It could be above your seating area or bed. Make sure to select it as per your preferences. 

Make Arrangements:

Now, make sure to arrange the pictures in any particular pattern or design. It could be vertically placed with pictures lined up symmetrically. Or you could opt for distinct outlines and shapes.

You could also arrange the pictures as per the chosen frames. Say if you have horizontal frames only, position the images as a square. Likewise, for vertical frames, square outlines are pretty good. If you have both the frames, fuse them and place them as a trapezoid.

Focus on Presentation:

The last step includes the presentation of your custom childhood canvas print. You can make a sequence featuring baby pictures first. Moving on, make sure to position the photos as per your journey to adulthood.

Besides, you can customize the interiors of the nearby areas with contrasting colors. Say, if the custom photos are placed in the seating areas of the living room, alter the couches and furniture accordingly. Similarly, if it’s placed in your bedroom, keep the frame colors contrary to walls.

Add Final Touch:

To give a final touch, add some lights to the area featuring your custom childhood pictures. You can also outline the wall surface, where these pictures are placed, with lights. Either way, it’s going to look fascinating!


So that’s how you can turn your childhood pictures into canvas prints? Sounds pretty easy, right! To add more uniqueness to your space, we recommend combining your old-school decoratives.

Besides, you can also theme a corner of your room featuring all the childhood stuff! It will be like a dive into memory lane whenever you need it.

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