How to Upgrade Your Xfinity Modem

Upgrading and maintaining your electronic devices is one way to ensure that they last longer. When you get a new smartphone, you make sure to get a cover and a screen protector to prevent cracks. Likewise, you will also be super conscious of charging your phone and you won’t leave it for charging overnight.

All of this is done or even recommended to help you prolong the life of that device. Well, the same is the case with your laptops, TVs, and even your modem. No matter how big or small the device, all of them need to be maintained in a particular manner.

Xfinity is one of the ISPs that sells or lends equipment to its customers. And of course, they require maintenance checks too. To ensure your Xfinity modem or Gateway is working effectively and doesn’t cause any issues, there are a few things you should do. Updating and upgrading your modem is one of them. Today, this is what we plan to be looking at.

Upgrade Your Owned Modem

If you have subscribed to or planning to subscribe to an Xfinity internet plan, you’re going to need an appropriate modem. While you could rent a modem from Xfinity, maybe you already own one and so, you would prefer to use the one you have. In that case, you’ll have to make sure of a few things, like checking the compatibility of the modem with Xfinity internet. Depending on the speed you pick and select, you will need a modem that is able to support that speed.

Ideally, it is recommended that you should upgrade your modem every 4-6 years. This way your modem will be upgraded after a while and you will be less likely to face any issues. The modem that we would recommend for you is DOCSIS 3.0 modem or above, especially if you are subscribing to an Xfinity internet plan.

One thing about modems is that you can’t purchase or use them independently. When you are using a modem, you need a router as well. A modem is designed to transmit information and data from the ISP to your home via fiber-optic cable, TV cables, or more. The modem forwards this information to the router. The router assigns unique IP addresses to each device that connects to the internet.

Upgrade Your Xfinity Modem

If you have subscribed to an Xfinity internet plan and you have also opted to rent an Xfinity Gateway, then you will get multiple benefits. Firstly, you won’t need to purchase two devices: a modem and a router, rather, it will just be one device that acts as a modem and a router. The second benefit you have is that Xfinity regularly updates its devices and thus, you don’t have to worry about your device not getting the proper updates.

Besides these two biggest benefits, xFi Gateways are naturally made to be compatible with Xfinity internet plans. They also support the fastest internet, which is why you won’t notice a dip in connectivity or speed. xFi Gateways are also known to provide uniform distribution and coverage of signals throughout your home. So, what’s easier than getting internet services and equipment all from the same place?

If you are wondering which Gateway models are the best, we wouldn’t be able to decide! So, let us brief you on the models and then you can decide which one you want according to that.

  • xFi Advanced Gateway (XB8) – This is the latest generation xFi Advanced Gateway (XB8). It is designed to power your home with supersonic speeds and extreme reliability. Due to its sleek design, it is easily adjustable in your home without taking up too much space or running your aesthetic.
  • xFi Advanced Gateway (XB7) – This xFi Gateway (XB7) comes in two colors: gray and white. Additionally, it features a less disruptive LED light. It supports high speeds and has multiple ports as well.
  • xFi Advanced Gateway (XB6) – Another device with a sleek design that supports up to 1 Gb speeds is the xFi Advanced Gateway (XB6). This device also features wide coverage and exclusive Wi-Fi management tools like Parental Controls and more.
  • xFi Wireless Gateway – The xFi Wireless Gateway comes in a slightly different design than the xFi Advanced Gateway and it offers a bunch of tools like Parental Controls, xFi Pods, Wi-Fi management tools, etc.

Ultimately… Keeping a check on all your devices and making sure they are in tip-top shape is quite important. While you might think that it is not your responsibility and whatnot, keep in mind that these devices will be affecting your internet speed and performance in the end. So, this is why you are expected to keep them in good shape at all times. Additionally, an upgraded and updated device is likely to be more compatible with your internet plan or speed than an old one

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