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How to use a Baby Swing?

Why do we buy Baby Swing? Baby helps to provoke their vestibular system and it will be like an entertainment.  Baby swing helps to calm the disturbed or crying baby.  And we are able to communicate with the baby instead of always being with mother. Another advantage is baby swing gives rest for parent’s arms for some fraction of time. 

How to Use Baby Swing?

If the baby in the swing, any one like their parents or caretaker should watch the baby for every fraction of seconds. Because most of swings are designed vertically as 30 and 45 degrees. This is one of the dangerous thing when it swings more, and this may injured a child. 

Parents or a caretaker do not carry the swing with baby, at sometimes this may results in baby may slipped to the floor. Keep the swing always in the floor to avoid any of ER visits. To avoid injury or ER visits keep strap snug, while strapping you have to confirm whether it hurts baby’s airway.

Every swing is manufactured based on baby’s weight. So we have to buy a swing according to your baby’s weight. Because, this is another factor which may cause unpredicted swing. Especially newborn swing is not suitable for infants. Maximum weight limit of baby swing is around 20-25 pounds. If the child grown up above 4 months, that is a time to stop the baby swing.

Do not use the swing during the sleeping time of baby. Because, it may disturb the sleep and it is not safe to use during sleeping. Most commonly the fact is we do not wake the sleeping baby. Parents should obviously take care if the baby slept in the swing. 

Here is the different kind of swing to entertain your baby

If you want to entertain your baby, here the manufacturer invents different kinds of baby swing with entertained features.

  1. Musical Swing- which soothe the baby by melodious music or either way to choose the personalized music by connecting it by mobiles.
  2. Glider Swing-soothes with the gentle motion according to your little one’s mood.
  3. Smart Swing- which detects the crying via microphones attached in the swing and the swing automatically responds by adjusting the swing on different vibrating motion.
  4. Rocker Swing- side to side and front to back swinging motion with the vibration mode may entertain the baby.
  5. Compact Swing- which is compact in size and will able to carry the swing during our travel time.

Safety precautions to use Baby Swing

According to the Academy of American Pediatrics (AAP), Parents or care takers have to pay attention during baby is on the swing. Most of the baby injuries and death were reported on when baby is on the swing. So, here are some of the safety precautions to avoid injuries to the baby,

  1. To avoid the slumping of baby’s head from the swing, have to recline the swing position.
  2. Do not let your baby sleep while in the swing.
  3. Use shoulder strap to prevent from falling out.
  4. Make sure to buy the baby swing according to your baby’s weight.
  5. Do not place the swing in the high-reaching surface and thus prevents from falling of baby with swing.
  6. Keep away the toys from your child while they are in the swing.
  7. While buying the swing make sure whether it is strong or not.
  8. Keep controlled swing session. Over swinging may leads to head irritation.
  9. It is safe to replace the swing when it gets damage in seats.
  10. Care takers are always be in the same place while the baby is on the swing.

Moreover, baby swing will helps to relaxing the baby by entertaining in the various way with different kind of swing. According to AAP, have to eye watch the baby during on their swing time to avoid injuries.

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