How To Use A Hair Serum: The Dos And Don’ts

 Wow Onion hair serum revives dry, tames unruly hair strands, and creates a polished finish.

However, to enjoy these and the other benefits of onion hair serum, you must use it right.

This post highlights some dos and don’ts when using a hair serum.

Let’s begin with the dos.


1.   Clean and Dry Your Hair Using a Clean Towel

The Wow Onion hair serum is best used after you have cleaned and dried your hair. Washing your hair ensures maximum heat protection, shines, and guarantees frizz-free texture.

In addition, the hair serum is formulated to protect your hair from pollutants, and it best serves this purpose If you clean the hair before applying.

Wash your hair appropriately, and squeeze with a dry clean towel before applying the hair serum. 

2.   Choose The Best Serum For Your Hair Type and Concerns

For dry, thick, and frizzy hair, choose a hair serum that acts as a thick sealant and blocks out evaporation to keep your scalp and hair hydrated.

If you have dull hair, choose the hair serum formulated with Vitamins to boost hair vitality and make it healthier.

People with thin and frizzy hair look for hair serums with natural ingredients that help counteract the static charge that causes frizz.

Onion hair serum with a hydrating formula for curly hair will help reduce breakages and maintain a naturally attractive look.

3.   Use as Often As Needed.

Experts do not recommend using hair serums every day. You must limit serum usage to specific days, such as washing your hair.

However, you may use onion hair serum as often as needed for highly damaged hair until you achieve the desired results.

4.    Use the Hair Serum as a Finishing Touch

Using serum as a finishing touch after hair styling enhances the overall look of your hair and adds that shine and control.

Thus, after styling your hair, apply hair serum to maintain your hair style and enhance its appearance.

The Wow Skin Science Onion hair serum coats your hair and smoothens the cuticles, resulting to a sleek hair style. Try it today!


5.   Do Not Apply Excess Product

Know the amount of hair serum you should apply each time you clean your hair. Excess hair serum can weigh down the hair and make it seem too oily.

Thus, start with a small amount for each application and add more until you achieve the desired look and feel.

6.   Avoid applying To the Roots.

Applying hair serum to the scalp or roots can make your hair appear greasy or oily.

Experts advise leaving the roots totally to avoid serum build-up and ensure enough product to the hair ends for that shiny look.

7.   Don’t Apply on Dry Hair

For maximum benefits, ensure your hair is damp before applying the serum.

Applying hair serum to dry hair may not distribute the product effectively and can result in a greasy appearance.

Thus, wash the hair and dry using a clean towel before applying the Wow Skin Science Onion Hair Serum.

8.   Do Not Rinse Hair Serum After Applying

The Wow Skin Science onion hair serum is a leave-in hair care product and works best when left on your hair.

The serum contains essential properties for keeping the hair moisturized and smooth and protecting it from damaging elements. Thus, washing it off removes the protective coating.


The best way to enjoy maximum benefits from your Wow Skin Science Onion Hair Serum is by following the best practices.

Consider your hair type, and clean the hair before applying the product. Do not apply the hair serum on dry hair; ensure you use the right amount. 

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