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How to Use LinkedIn Automation Tools

As one of the most trusted social networking platforms today, LinkedIn has become the leading website for professionals to connect with each other and find work. But LinkedIn isn’t only a place to follow your colleagues or clients, it has also evolved into a place to find potential leads, amazing talents, and the right audiences for your business. In this article, we’re going to learn more about LinkedIn automation tools that are currently being used for businesses.

But first, what is an automation tool?

Automation tools are basically software that helps you do tasks to maximize your efforts and rewards. They help you with repetitive tasks that have to be performed regularly. Automation tools can be helpful for a growing business trying to make a name in the industry. Today, there are hundreds of automation tools available on the market such as Octopus CRM, Dripify, and many more.

What are LinkedIn Automation tools?

LinkedIn automation is the use of software and tools to automate various tasks on LinkedIn.

These tools are designed to help marketers manage their campaigns and see their performance on a regular basis. Aside from search filters, automation tools can also help you find the right people through features such as automated messaging and connection requests. Think of these tools as AI bot helpers that allow you to remain active on LinkedIn without virtually being there.

The truth is that the most time-consuming tasks on LinkedIn are often those that don’t really connect you directly to your target prospects. Growing lists, viewing profiles, and reaching out to potential leads can all be done without investing your time through the help of automation. By automating these tasks, marketers can save time and effort and move their focus to important business tasks that make sure sales. In this context, a digital marketing dashboard needs a special mention, as through one such KPI measuring analytics dashboard, a business is able to properly track some important metrics like email open rate, subscription rate, registration rate, conversion rate, click-through-rate, etc. and thereby take corrective actions. So, a company like “Marketing Reports” can be of great help, if you’re thinking of integrating one such dashboard in your system.

Since LinkedIn lead generation is the primary objective for many businesses, automation tools help a lot. With it, businesses can reach their business audience and grow their networks on autopilot. LinkedIn automation makes LinkedIn marketing more organized. It does all tasks that are often monotonous and doesn’t achieve real-time results. When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to handle a handful of leads, but when the number starts increasing, it can be difficult to do campaigns manually.

What Can You Do With LinkedIn Automation Tools?

●  View LinkedIn Profiles

Don’t you wonder why people view your profile on LinkedIn? Sometimes, they can be an employer showing interest or a potential customer looking for information about your product or service. When you view a LinkedIn member’s profile, the other person can see it which sparks their curiosity as to why you may be viewing their profile. Most often they will look at your profile in return. This first interaction can be your first opportunity to introduce them to your specialty, business, or brand—whatever you want people to notice about you. That’s why updating your profile before starting your automation will really help your brand.

●  Schedule Posts

LinkedIn automation tools can help you schedule your posts and publish them at the most ideal time. It can also increase LinkedIn outreach thereby giving you attention from your target audience

●  Send Connection Requests

Automation tools help you by automatically sending your connection requests. This will save you a lot of time scouring LinkedIn, plus you’ll generate plenty of leads in the process. You also don’t have to worry about your messages looking “too generic”. Many automation tools like Octopus CRM allow you to create tailored campaign message sequences. These messages are very personal and often have amazing response rates.

●  Reach out to many people without spamming

There’s a limit to how many connection requests you can send per day. Good automation tools don’t keep spamming your contacts. They know LinkedIn doesn’t allow that so they work smartly and within the confines of LinkedIn’s rules. With this strategy, you’ll easily grow your LinkedIn profile without even trying.

●  No Disruption to Marketing Processes

Automating the lead generation process can be done fast. If your industry is swamped with potential leads, automation tools can reach out to them in a timely manner. Automation causes zero disruption and makes everything smooth— with even faster turnarounds. By considering an automated tool for your LinkedIn, your sales team can work faster, reach more prospects, and maintain a healthy and genuine relationship with potential leads. 

●  Improve sales

Based on a study about average conversion time, it takes 84 days for a potential lead to become a buyer. The main reason salespeople fail to turn leads into customers is that most of them forget to follow up. Automation tools ensure that you follow up with almost everyone you contact. Instead of assigning this tedious task to your sales team, you can simply use an automation tool. Your sales team can then focus on selling and building relationships with clients instead.

●  Precise targeting

LinkedIn automation tools can help you find leads faster. Most automation tools have filters and smart search tactics that guide you toward the people you’re looking for.

●  Lead Enrichment

Automation is all about saving time and energy. Lead enrichment tools can help your team do time-consuming tasks in just one click. Most automation tools can easily extract crucial information about leads and then add it to their CRM software. This saves reps a lot of time, they don’t have to manually enter information about leads. This process often results in human error.

●  Improved Accuracy

Errors are often human-made. Because automation tools aren’t run by humans, there will be error-free work done in less time.

●  Analyze Your Strategies

Since LinkedIn’s dashboard is very limited, you really can’t get a good idea about how your campaigns are working. Automation tools can give you a better overview of your campaigns. Using them on a regular basis can help improve your decision-making. All the best automation tools generate reports for your outreach campaigns. They also give you insights into your overall audience engagement. Data gathered through automation tools can be analyzed to grow leads faster. You can use data to understand why your process is not working, or why your marketing strategies aren’t giving leads as expected. You can use all the information to revise your methods and create better and higher-quality leads.

●  Build Brand Awareness

LinkedIn automation tools can boost brand awareness even for contacts that fail to become leads. Automation tools often allow you to include links to your other socials, website, and other online channels. Whenever you send a message, you also increase the potential of visitors to your sites. This is good for long-term growth.

LinkedIn Automation Tools: The Solution To Everything?

LinkedIn is a powerful platform that can help you gain connections, generate leads, and close deals faster. Since tasks you need to complete in order to achieve this are often tedious and time-consuming, utilizing LinkedIn automation tools can be the solution.

However, LinkedIn automation has its downsides, it’s not perfect. Although the tools are amazing at automating all your LinkedIn tasks, incorrect use can put your account at risk. The risk of being banned for using automation tools is not zero. Some people actually no longer have access to their LinkedIn accounts from using shady tools. At the end of the day, being more personable and genuine is the best thing to do to grow your brand on Linkedin. People like brands and professionals who connect authentically.

The Future of LinkedIn Automation

LinkedIn automation is still a relatively new market. Learning the basics of marketing automation is easy though. You’ll find that most tools work the same way as all others. One thing that’s standing out from all the automation tools for LinkedIn is the focus on personalization. Automating tools that do a good job of making interactions genuine haven’t been perfected yet. However, LinkedIn automation tools today are showing very promising features of this personalization. Overall, there might be better and more advanced automation tools we’ll see in the future.

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