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How to Use Quote Reels to Go Viral on Instagram (2023)

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Quote reels are one of the quickest ways to go viral on Instagram. Quote reels are reels that feature a famous, engaging, and intriguing quote, with an aesthetic background image or video, and an interesting soundtrack.

One of the reasons quote reels are so interesting is because of how quick they are to make. With a little bit of practice, you can dish out dozens of quote reels within a matter of an hour. The more you post such quote reels, the higher the chances that you’d go viral.

It’s no wonder some of the quote reels get millions of likes and views on Instagram. And to think that these quote reels are super easy to make, and don’t involve complex editing or recording. That makes quote reels a no-brainer, to go viral on Instagram in 2023.

So, how do we make quote reels?

Step 1: Find an interesting, intriguing, and engaging quote

The idea here is to find a quote that makes people stop in their scroll loop and think. This is why the quote has to be intriguing. Or perhaps a bit shocking if possible.

Step 2: Create the reel via Canva

A – Begin by finding an aesthetic video

B – Add relevant music that matches the quote/video mood

C – Add animations to the quote

And you’re done with the reel! You can now push it to Instagram from Canva and it will be ready to get published!

Step 3: Add a creative caption with CTA

Use a library like Famium, and copy-paste an engaging caption based on your post vibe and niche. Make sure that you also use a CTA (Call to Action) as the final step of your caption.

Step 4: Publish

Finally, publish your quote reel on Instagram and promote it with a few targeted hashtags. And there you have a quote reel that’s ready to go viral!

Step 5: Rinse & Repeat until you go VIRAL

Keep repeating the same process again and again, and soon you’d have a ton of quote reels that’ll go viral on Instagram.

Bonus: Use Ready-made Reel Quote Templates

There are tons of templates available online, both free and paid options. You may explore Envato Elements, Canva, or CreativeMarket – and find templates that fit your specific niche and style! With a template at hand, you can further streamline your workflow and create quote reels faster than ever!

So, there you have it – an easy guide to use Quote Reels for going viral on Instagram in 2023! All the best with your journey into becoming an online influencer!

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