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This article discusses Howard Hamlin Wiki, and explains more about Howard Hamlin’s character twist.

Are you still watching Season 6 on Better Call Saul? If you answered yes to the above, you are likely fascinated by Howard Hamlin, played brilliantly by Patrick Fabian.

Patrick Fabian is getting a lot press after the release of Better Call Saul. Fans want to know more about Howard Hamlin Wiki his life, Mandy Fabian and many other things. We will be discussing Howard Hamlin in this article and the reasons why he is hot.

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The media has paid a lot attention to the Installment 7 of Better Call Saul Season Six. On the other hand, his character’s midseason finale episode shocked fans. According to reports, Patrick Fabian’s role as Howard Hamlin will be ending soon. Rhea Seehorn & Bob Odenkirk depict Jimmy McGill killing him in cold-blooded fashion.

This has surprised many fans, who are apparently appreciating Best Call Saul Hamlin personality change at the middlepoint. The next part will discuss the episode’s story. After that, we’ll discuss fan reactions and Patrick Fabian’s reaction to the twist.

Read more about Howard Hamlin’s Cold Blooded Murder

  • Howard is deeply disturbed by his failure. He seeks Kim and Jimmy for a meeting.
  • Lalo arrives quickly at the flat, and things turn out badly for him.
  • Howard is brutally assassinated after she shoots him in his head.
  • According to reports, Howard is also covered in blood, and Lalo calls Kim & Jimmy to invite them to a conversation.

Before we get to the Howard Hamlin Wiki fan reactions let’s discuss Patrick Fabian’s reaction to Howard Hamlin’s death.

What Did Patrick Fabian Say About Howard Hamlin’s Demise?

Patrick was emotional while filming for Better Call Saul’s last episode. Fabian spoke later about Howard’s death and recalled the time when he was murdered as a true stomach hit.

Fabian said that the dramatic finale change occurred during a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter.

He also revealed to the newspaper that he discovered about his character’s death before the sixth season even began filming. And he kept the storyline a secret for everyone, even Mandy his wife.

Howard Hamlin Wiki : Fan reactions

Fans were pleased with Patrick’s ending. Fans are mourning Howard’s death here. People are also writing RIP for Howard’s role on social media, and arguing why he was forced to die this way. Many people also comment that Patrick’s performance in episode 7 is 10/10.


Howard Hamlin’s cold-blooded assassination has brought more attention to Better Call Saul. With a rating of 10, episode 7 has been rated highly by fans. Click here to read more details.

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