ICCouncil launches an innovative online certification course, empowering transportation professionals with expertise in hazardous materials marking and labeling. Elevate your commitment to safety and compliance today!

December 4, 2023: The International Certifications Council ( takes a significant stride forward with the release of its latest online certification course. The DOT Hazardous Materials Function-Specific: Marking and Labeling course is a comprehensive offering designed to equip transportation professionals with the expertise needed to ensure the safe handling and transportation of hazardous materials.

In today’s dynamic landscape, where the transportation of hazardous materials is a critical component of various industries, ICCouncil recognizes the need for specialized training. This course addresses this need head-on by providing participants with a deep understanding of hazard markings, labels, and exemptions. Through engaging and industry-aligned content, transportation professionals will gain the skills necessary to navigate regulations and contribute to a safer supply chain.

Course Details

The course, aligned with the U.S. Department of Transportation requirements at 49 CFR 172 Subpart H, covers the essential aspects of hazardous material markings and labels. Participants will delve into topics such as identifying shipments requiring marks and labels, exemptions for small quantities and consumer commodities, DOT’s mandatory marks and labels, special handling labels, and more.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  • Identify shipments that require marks and labels versus those that are exempt.
  • Learn how to determine if your shipments qualify for reduced marking requirements, such as for small quantities or consumer commodities.
  • Understand the DOT’s mandatory marks and labels for each hazardous materials package.
  • Determine the specific marks required for shipments of hazardous substances, generic shipping names, marine pollutants, combination packages with liquids, hazardous waste, overpacks, salvage drums, and other materials with unique requirements.
  • Explore the purpose and application timing of special handling labels.
  • Master the art of marking and labeling packages containing different chemicals or products.
  • Understand subsidiary labels and when to use them for enhanced safety and compliance.

Who Should Enroll? 

This course is ideal for individuals involved in packaging, shipping, receiving hazardous materials, or emergency responders. Whether you’re a part of the supply chain or a guardian of safety, this certification equips you with the expertise to safeguard every step of the hazardous materials journey.

Why Should I Enroll? 

Enrolling in this course positions you as an indispensable guardian of safety in your industry. You’ll gain comprehensive knowledge of hazardous material markings and labels, ensuring compliance with DOT regulations. By understanding exemptions, specific requirements, and the importance of markings, you contribute to a safer supply chain and emergency response.

About ICCouncil is an online hub tailored for the transportation and logistics sector. Through strategic partnerships with esteemed American and Canadian universities, as well as key industry associations, the platform offers transformative learning experiences. Collaborating with industry experts provides comprehensive courses to equip individuals and enterprises with globally recognized certifications, fostering professional growth and staying ahead in the dynamic business landscape. Join this movement, cultivate skills, and embark on a journey toward excellence in transportation and logistics. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your commitment to safety. Enroll in the DOT Hazardous Materials Function-Specific: Marking and Labeling course today and become a certified guardian of safety in your industry.

For more information and to enroll, visit ICCouncil’s official website.

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