Importance of Color Trends in Product Packaging

Color is an integral part of your product that visually represents your brand. Color has the power to trigger thoughts and emotions and directly affect buying decisions. Research studies show that 85 percent of consumers buy a product based on its color.

Therefore, picking the right color for your product is of utmost importance. So, how do you pick a palette that describes your product and brand, and help you identify yourself in a unique and appealing way to your customers?

Choosing the right colors

Your packaging colors have a direct influence on consumer buying behavior. When choosing a suitable palette for your product, you need to consider a few important things:

  • Your buyer: Your customers should easily connect with the colors that you choose to go with. How will you know the best colors for your buyers? By knowing your target market and conducting extensive research. Figure out their needs and what motivates them to buy the product. You should never pick a color just because you feel comfortable with it. Remember, you are not the customer. Go for colors that your target audience can relate to.
  • Stand out from the competition: According to Nerdy Writers and custom essay writing, you don’t want a product that cannot be noticed on the shelf. By choosing colors that are unique or different from your competitors, your product will have a better chance of standing out and being noticed. Once you’ve known the colors that your target audience can relate to, you need to design them in a beautiful and unique way. Product designers can help you achieve this goal.
  • Communicate the purpose of the product: The color of your product should communicate with your buyers subconsciously. What do you want them to think about your product? Does the product promote security or wellness? Does it create a sense of sophistication or luxury?
  • Don’t forget about branding: Your colors need to communicate the voice of your brand. The story of your brand should flow effortlessly through the packaging design. Do you want your product to reveal more about your organization? Is your brand fun, professional or rebellious?
  • Stick to your brand colors: While it’s important to experiment when you are packaging a new product, you need to maintain your brand identity and color consistency. This means that consumers should recognize your brand despite the colors or packaging. Maintaining consistency will pay off in spades in the long run.   

Color Trends and product packaging

There are a lot of things that you should consider when designing and implementing product packaging. However, color plays the most important role. Color helps in creating a mood and giving your consumers an impression of your product. And this affects buying decisions. Here are some of the color trends that can improve your product packaging:

1. Pastels are becoming popular

Despite the notion that bright colors evoke emotions and trigger the desire to buy, we have witnessed a significant increase in the number of businesses implementing pastel colors. A lack of color saturation stands out among different packages since bold and bright colors can be overwhelming on the store shelves.

“Pale colors trigger a sense of calm among consumers. Instead of consumers being overloaded with bright colors, glitter, or metallic sheen, pastel colors ease gently into the eyes of consumers. In turn, they are likely to spend more time looking at the product.”- says Jake Gardener, marketing specialist at uk essay writing service.

2. Color gradients

We see gradients everywhere. You can see them in the sky when the sun is rising and setting. When customers see a vibrant gradient on your packaging, they remember special moments like sunsets. When the color transition is done correctly, it can stimulate moods like peace, calm, and excitement. The message that your brand is trying to send should go hand in hand with the product that you are offering.

3. Green for the environment

Environmentally friendly products have never been more important to customers than today. You can help your customers choose the best products by using the word ‘green’ in several different ways. Not only should you include the color green but also use the word ‘green’ to show that your products are manufactured in a sustainable and environment-friendly way. Now that most organizations are using the green color on most of their products, you can consider designing your packaging in a simple and unique way to denote that your products are environment-friendly.

4. Colors denote flavors

Research studies have found that most food purchasers associate specific colors with flavors depending on the product they want to buy. For instance, a consumer purchasing candy will associate the color yellow with lemon and red with cherry. “It’s one of the best ways to provide consumers with crucial information at a glance.”


When it comes to product packaging, color plays a critical role. Some of the best brands in the world make the most out of packaging colors to influence consumer buying decisions. Understanding the needs of your customers and designing your product to suit their needs will accelerate the growth of your business.

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