Improve Office Efficiency with Wondershare PDFelement for Mac

PDF editing has been present for a while, providing access to users of different nature. From professionals to students, it has been discovered that PDF editors are quite common in managing their workflow. However, as advancement in technology calls for upgrades, there aren’t many tools that provide adaptability to users. Wondershare PDFelement for Macis here to change the narrative, bringing an update that would revamp the concepts of PDF editors in the market.

In this article, we shall review how the new Wondershare PDFelement for Mac improves the efficiency of an office user in managing PDF files efficiently.

Part 1: What is Wondershare PDFelement for Mac

PDF editors have exceptionally improved with the development in technology, with platforms like Wondershare PDFelement taking the mantle of excellence. Wondershare PDFelement is known as an all-in-one PDF editor that provides an extensive set of features to its users, regardless of the device they are using. Whether it is a desktop or a mobile, or you only have access to a web connection, PDFelement holds itself available for you.

This article is set up with the idea to introduce the latest iteration of Wondershare PDFelement, the PDFelement 9 for Mac. With the basic features like conversion, editing, and compression of PDF files, PDFelement 9 associates several other impressive features that help users enhance their PDFs to perfection.

The Highlighted Features of PDFelement 9 for Mac

The following features are some of the most anticipated and awaited updates in Wondershare PDFelement:

  • New and Enhanced User Interface: Wondershare PDFelement for Mac now comes with an updated, immersive, and cohesive user interface design that provides accessibility to all sections of the platform. It also supports Dark Mode for users to help them protect their visibility.
  • Language Support: The tool provides support for 13 different languages. You can now download PDFelement 9 in any language that suits your needs and profession to the fullest.
  • Multiple Functionalities in PDF Management: PDFelement 9 provides a diverse and systematic feature set in PDF management, where users can convert PDFs, scan files using the OCR technology, annotate files, add or remove watermarks, and translate PDF file text appropriately.
  • Cloud Connectivity: The direct connection with Wondershare Document Cloud has enabled users to open, save and share PDF files across the cloud directly. Users can segregate and organize their PDF files across the cloud without even putting the burden on the devices that are used to operate PDFelement 9.

Part 2: How PDFelement Improves Office Efficiency

This part provides you with an in-depth overview of how Wondershare PDFelement for Mac features a consistent system of improving office efficiency tenfold. Go through the expressive features and characteristics of this PDF editor appto know more about the advancements within PDF management.

1.     Cloud File Multi-Terminal Interoperability

PDFelement for Mac comes with an impressive upgrade of having a direct connection to its cloud server across the application. Regardless of the device that you are using, you can have access to all PDF files and content through the cloud. If you want to view your documents across your iOS device or use it on your Mac, the direction operability through the cloud helps them in opening and saving the documents across the server.

This provides you accessibility to such levels that you can even access your official documentation through your mobile if you are on a business trip and have limited access to desktop tools.

2.     Create Multiple Images into PDF

If you hold a set of separate pictures containing important information about a project, Wondershare PDFelement for Mac provides you with a system for creating a single PDF out of those images. The diverse and progressive OCR toolkit available on PDFelement helps users convert scanned files into editable PDFs. With accurate text recognition on images, you can easily edit them with a single click.

The proficient accessibility offered through the OCR feature on PDFelement allows them to merge multiple images across a single PDF that can be easily stored and organized by the user.

3.     Export Comments

Any document that is used for official purposes can contain different annotations marking the necessary edits and key points related to the content of the PDF file. These comments, notes, annotations, and highlights added across a PDF document can be easily exported across Wondershare PDFelement 9 for Mac. The option of exporting annotations now comes under two different file formats; FDF and XFDF.

FDF file format provides users with a text file containing the data from the form fields of a PDF file. Conversely, an XFDF file represents all form data and annotations across a PDF document. This option enables users to export all kinds of comments and annotations made across a PDF.

4.     Long PDF Picture

PDFelement for Mac supports direct accessibility for converting a large PDF file into a single image. In cases where file management is quite difficult for users, there is an option of converting the complete document into a non-stop long picture that the user can easily view.

You can find this option across the “Export” option that helps you in determining whether you want to convert all pages of the PDF document into a single image file.

5.     Ability to Upload Image Signature

PDF signature is regarded among the highlighted features of PDFelement. The provision of this tool helps users sign official documents across a digital platform without putting up an effort to print the file. With this tool dominating the digital market, PDFelement 9 now offers the option of adding an image as a signature across a PDF document.

You can now easily upload an image file containing a signature across your documents. All you need is to write a signature across a white page that can be captured and inserted across any PDF document of your liking.

6.     Batch Printing

Users can now print their PDF documents in batches using PDFelement for Mac. The addition of this function across the batch processing system allows them to print multiple files across their system. Whether it is a complete folder or a set of specific files, you can now easily import them and have them printed according to your liking.

This printing function also provides its users with the ability to add opened PDF files from the system. After setting all appropriate properties, you can have it printed through a proper source.

Part 3: Introduction to PDFelement for iOS

As stated before, Wondershare PDFelement is a cross-platform PDF editor app that provides users with the option of managing PDFs across different devices. Whether it be your Mac, Windows, or your mobile, you can put up your stakes of effectively managing the PDF files with ease. PDFelement for iOS is another great source to edit PDF, convert, compress, scan, and annotate PDF documents.

You can find a great load of features across the iOS application of PDFelement. Unlike other PDF editors that are limited in their functionality, PDFelement offers a clean, effective, and intuitive interface that can be used to edit and manage PDFs to perfection. Along with the basic features, you can efficiently organize your PDF documents and edit them while putting them in appropriate folders.

With the connectivity to the cloud, organizing PDF files has become much more effective across the iOS version of PDFelement. This PDF editor app is perfect in operability, as it allows you to fill out and sign forms across your mobile. Such diversity in functions has never been witnessed across PDF applications on mobile devices.


This article presents an in-depth overview of how PDFelement for Mac improves the office efficiency of users after its latest upgrade. With a detailed discussion of the features, we hope that you will be allured into using this efficient PDF editing platform to edit PDF, convert, scan, annotate, and organize your documents accordingly.

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