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Have you ever wondered how to improve your engagement on Instagram? With over a billion users, Instagram is a hub to many individuals, communities, businesses, celebrities etc. In the last few years, Instagram has revolutionized and is now not just a platform to post pictures and videos but it is a great platform for business houses to host their business and get better reach. Instagram has helped many brands build a name for them and market better as the app has an audience of every generation. One way to capture the attention of your target audience is by creating content that inspires your audience to take action. Instagram is a powerful platform for small businesses. In fact, it’s one of the best places to find new customers. But only if you’re getting the most out of it. If you’re not seeing the results you want on Instagram, it’s time to take a closer look at your strategy. Here are certain tips and tricks to improve your engagement on Instagram.

Giveaways and contests: One of the best ways to build your community on Instagram is to give away prizes and provide opportunities to win. For instance, you could create a giveaway where your followers can enter to win an Amazon gift card. You could also create a contest where your followers can submit a photo of their best tailgate food moment and you could feature their photo on your Instagram story. Your community will feel special when you feature their photos in your story. One of the best ways to build your community on Instagram is to give away prizes. This not only generates excitement among your audience, but also shows that you value their time.

User generated content: It has been proven that user generated content has a higher conversion rate than otherwise. You can draft the best content, but what you can also do is download and use content from Instagram. Using content from communities, people, organizations, popular pages while giving credits is the easiest way to get new content and also get the same impact that they made on the page you took them from. Content from customers and community people helps build trust in your brand name. You can easily download an Instagram reel, story, highlight, post, video etc for free on any device using the Instazoom app.

Influencer marketing: Influencer marketing is an increasingly popular marketing strategy that leverages the influence of an influencer to drive brand awareness and sales. An influence is someone whose name and brand have widespread credibility with their audience; they are often considered experts in a particular niche, such as fashion, food, or parenting. An influencer’s reach extends far beyond their own social network – they can have an impact on the decisions of their audience, who are called the “fans” of the influencer. Marketers use influencer marketing to engage with and influence their audience, often at a large scale. Their content is more likely to be shared and viewed by their followers, which can result in an increase in brand exposure and increased sales.

Hash tags: One of the biggest and most important parts of building an Instagram account is picking the right hashtags to use and how often to use them. There is no single correct way to use hashtags on Instagram, but there are some general best practices that will help your posts perform better. The most important thing to remember when picking hashtags is that you want your audience to find your content, not your competitors’ content, so don’t just pick the first hash tags that come to mind. Instead, use an Instagram analytics tool to help you find the right hashtags for your audience and niche. Instagram hashtags are the key to getting the most exposure on the platform. They have the ability to generate a lot of traffic and engagement, but getting the right ones can be difficult.

Instagram live: Instagram Live is a new feature that allows you to share live videos with your followers. You can share up to an hour of video content with your fans, but you can also use it to show behind-the-scenes footage, answer questions, and more. You can tap the camera icon at the top-right to start a live video, or press the new button in the middle of the Share button to start sharing. This feature helps you connect with your audience better and build trust amidst them.

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