Income Tax Credit Earned Oregon :- Income Tax Credit earned Oregon bill

Learn more about Income tax credit earned Oregon, eligibility criteria, and the number of households that will be receiving the amount.

Did you know that employees can receive up to $6,728 as Income Credit if they earn $57,414 in the United States. Did you know that there are three additional slabs that give back the Income Credit of $1.502, $3.618, and $5.980?

Did you know you must file taxes in order to receive credit? This year, the Oregon Revenue Department will distribute a $600 Income Credit. Let’s take a look at Income Credit earned Oregon.

Oregon Income Tax Credit:

Oregon has received an INCOME TAX credit of $600 this year due to the NEGATIVE EFFECTS on the economy caused by the Covid-19 public emergency. This is a ONE-TIME payment that provides assistance to people who are facing hardship due to Covid-19 and supports LOW INCOME GROUPS. The $600 is available to 236,287 households. A household can be either an individual or a whole family.

Income Tax Slabs

The Income Tax Credits are a combination of FEDERAL and STATE TAX CREDITS that people earn when they file their income tax. A household with $27,380 in income is eligible for $1,502 to answer . A household with $48,108 can receive $5,980 and a household of $57,414 can receive $6,728 Income Credits.

Mode for payments:

All households will receive the amount as check payments and direct deposits by July 2022. The total amount of $141,772,200 is distributed to 236,287 households. A total of $141,772,200 will be distributed to eligible households. $81,984,000 will go as direct deposits to 136.640 households. $59,788,200 paper checks will be sent to 99.647 households.

Income Tax Credit earned Oregon bill

House Bill 4157 was passed by the Oregon Legislature. It directs revenue department to pay $600 up to 236,287 eligible households. Also, the eligibility criteria are clearly stated and acknowledged.


A household must have been living in Oregon for the past six months in order to qualify. If they have filed income tax, such households should have received Income Tax Credits in 2020. It is known, however, that not all households are eligible for the credits because they don’t file income taxes.

Written W-2 form:

Employees who have received a Income tax credit earned Oregon must inform their employer in writing about these credits. For this purpose, the employee needs to provide a W-2 form and an EITC form (that can be installed from their website at –


Oregon Revenue department will distribute the $600 additional Oregon Income Tax Credit earned due to the negative impacts of the Covid-19 public emergency. This amount will be distributed to eligible households that have been identified. Get detailed information about Oregon Revenue Department’s OTAP webpage

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