Incredibly Fun Games for College Students

When you think of games for college students, the first games that come to mind could be Monopoly or Twister. Although these games are super fun, once you’re in college, the well-known classics may become a bit 1999. There are so many tabletop games available – a staggering amount in fact. College is a time for exploring and trying new things, such as activities like board games. To give you a place to begin, here are the 5 best games for college students. Get ready to test a lot, find your new passion, or give the gift of a lifetime joy!

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1. Cards Against Humanity

It says “a party game for horrible people ” on the box with Cards Against Humanity. This should certainly not deter you from playing. However, take it as a warning that it’s not an appropriate game that is suitable for sensitive people. There are two kinds of cards that are used during the play: black ones, with open-ended statements or questions, as well as white cards that have a wide array of humorous bizarre phrases and words. Every round, a new judge is assigned a black card. The other players choose one white card from their hand to accompany it. All white cards are shuffled and then read aloud before the winner is selected.The points are given to the person who has the best answer. This is one game you’ll like to keep in your arsenal of college board games.

2. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a game for students of all ages. It is also a good icebreaker and is widely enjoyed at the parties. To play the game, a pile of cards are laid out face-down on the table. Players are able to draw cards from the top. There is a range of different cards, all illustrated by The Oatmeal that require different actions, however when someone draws an explosive kitten card, they’re eliminated. It is recommended that you go through the rules a time or two prior to playing. However, it’s worth it as they are incredibly entertaining by themselves.

3. Catan

Catan (also called Settlers of Catan) is the perfect college game, if ever there was one! A lot of people were exposed to the game as undergraduates and haven’t been able to quit playing ever since. It’s a thrilling strategy-building game where you’ll have to gather and trade resources to achieve the goal of controlling the island. Catan can be played with 3-4 players (or more by using an expanded version) and keep everybody’s attention, even of those people who aren’t usually interested in the board games! It’s so much fun that you can totally forget about your college assignments. No worries! If you have a tight deadline or just want to enjoy more time playing board games, go to This is an academic writing service that can help you do any writing assignment with a high quality and deadline in mind.

4. Reverse Charades

You’re probably familiar with the game of charades. It’s a popular game for college students. You’ve heard of the rules. One person must perform a certain action while the other players try to figure out what it means. Reverse Charades uses that same idea but turns it upside down. In this game, there’s an entire team of players and only one person to guess. Reverse Charades includes 500 cards as well as a one-minute timer. The other team begins the timer while your team attempts to perform and identify as many cards as they can before time runs out. Did your team pull one that is difficult to perform? You are able to skip it, but you should use the option carefully because you can only skip one round.

5. Trivia

Everyone enjoys the game of trivia. Hosting the event can be a great way to gather college friends and share a common experience. Make your teams randomly, so that the students are matched with individuals they’ve never met. This will help to break the ice both between friends and people who don’t know each other.

Bottom Line

This concludes our post on college games that are incredibly fun. When you’re experiencing a difficulty making a choice, simply go for a random one! There’s no reason to be unhappy with any of the 5 choices. These picks are enjoyed by all college students, and you shouldn’t be an exception.

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