Intellexa has added a Member to its Alliance. This includes members from Limassol Cyprus and Paris France. Intellexa, The Intelligence Alliance announced on May 28th that Senpai Technologies, the developer of premium OSINT Solutions in Cyprus, had recently joined the alliance. This was to expand Intellexa’s product portfolio and make it a more comprehensive one-stop shop for its customers.

Intellexa also announced the creation of a big-data analytics unit that will provide InSight, an advanced analytical platform. InSight is designed to collect, process and analyze cyber and field intelligence. It automatically creates actionable intelligence for all relevant teams within the customer’s organization.

Intellexa is an alliance made up of intelligence system providers. It offers an integrated, end-to-end solution for law enforcement agencies and law enforcement. The alliance was established earlier this year by Nexa Technolgies, Advanced Systems and WiSpear Systems. Additional intelligence solution providers joined the alliance since its inception, increasing its depth and breadth.

RogueEye is Senpai’s flagship product. It is a strategic OSINT and Virtual HUMINT system that allows for the management of all open-source web intelligence processes in one solution. The system is designed with operational security in view. It supports all aspects the OSINT process, from covert Mass Collection and Automated Target Profiling to Advanced Analysis and Reporting. Secure and efficient target engagement is possible thanks to the unique Avatar Management Platform.

Intellexa’s newly formed BDA Unit developed the InSight analytics platform. It was specifically designed to generate meaningful intelligence using cyber intelligence content. This data can then be fused with other data sources, such as field intelligence metadata. Advanced analytics algorithms enable InSight to identify suspicious activity, highlight important events, and analyze suspects’ relationships. InSight can also provide actionable intelligence in real-time that supports field operations teams.

Intellexa integrates multiple product lines to provide a comprehensive solution that covers the intelligence collection and production domains.

Network Intelligence – A variety of remote intelligence collection solutions, including Senpai’s OSINT solution and the recently added SS7-based Geo-Location.

Field Intelligence product line enables traffic interception over WiFi, 2G/3G/4G.

Cyber Intelligence product range – infect and data extraction systems.

Data Fusion and Analytics systems, including InSight.

OverSight enables headquarters teams to monitor intelligence collection and analysis activities. It also allows them to set global priorities and manage resource allocation.

Omri Raiter (CEO and CO-Founder at Senpai) stated that “We are thrilled to join the Intellexa Alliance”. “Our customers are most important because they can produce meaningful intelligence quickly, effectively and efficiently. We are better equipped to facilitate this by integrating RogueEye in Intellexa’s broad portfolio. We will offer the global reach of Intellexa to enable customers to benefit from our joint synergetic solution.

“Our customers face two main obstacles and our goal to help them overcome both,” says Tal Dilian, Intellexa’s CO-CEO. The first is data collection. We have spent a lot of time creating premium cyber, field and network solutions to help customers overcome it. The second, and equally important challenge, is how to create targeted intelligence from the vast amounts of data collected by different systems, and make it available for the right teams in the appropriate timeframe. InSight was created to do just that.

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