Interviewing Celebrity Approved Hairstylist, Francisco Pinto

Interviewer: Let’s talk about how you got into hairstyling… Since many people begin their pursuits as a pastime, it’s common for a few to turn their hobby into a full-time career, and I like to find out what that “defining” moment was for the people that I interview. So how did you get into cosmetology and what was the edging moment that convinced you to go in fully?

Francisco Pinto: It’s interesting that you manage that because hairstyling did start as a hobby for me. I never took it seriously or did I even imagine it was going to be what I was gonna be doing my entire life. And till this day it continues to be my hobby but it’s also my career and what I get paid for. But the edging moment that convinced me to fully go into it was when I started getting recognition when I started getting noticed and respected. It’s something that I wanted my entire life up to that moment. I was finally getting noticed instead of being ignored. I went from being picked last or not being picked at all to being the first. I was being celebrated instead of being humiliated. Everyone was calling me by my name instead of other things that weren’t my name. I felt like the popular football player jock in high school that everyone respected. For the first time I felt what being respected felt like and I loved it and I wanted more respect. And I knew that in order to get more respect I had to become even better at what was gaining me this disrespect. 

Interviewer: What is the one thing you think most makes you unique and stand out as a hairstylist?

Francisco Pinto: The one thing that makes me unique and stand out as a hairstylist is the big hair. It’s what I become known for and how I built this amazing platform that I stand on today. 

Interviewer: How do you measure success in such a competitive industry?

Francisco Pinto: For me success is a feeling, it’s an emotion. I know I have reached success and I have felt success many times. The first one was when I started getting respected and started getting notice. That to me was success. I accomplish something that I have always wanted. And then that changed because I didn’t settle for just that. I set new goals and I went for them and worked for them and I accomplished them and I felt successful again every time. But right now I don’t feel successful because my goals keep getting bigger and bigger that I will never feel successful because every time I accomplish one yes I succeeded and I feel successful and I love it. But once I reach that goal and experience the success from reaching that goal it goes away. So I have to reach another goal and work towards succeeding to accomplish what I want to feel successful once again. Which sucks because I will never truly feel successful. And I truly honestly don’t even know if it’s competitive or not because I don’t even know who’s in or who’s out or what’s in or what’s not. I don’t know anything besides what I’m doing and what I’m working on. I’m not comparing myself to anyone because I don’t even know who to compare myself to. I’m my only competition and I’m only competing to be better than who I was yesterday. 

Interviewer: Looking at your life and career so far, what makes you most proud?

Francisco Pinto: I’m most proud of everything that I accomplish and that I have done in my career. Because I know what it took me to get to where I’m at. All the sacrifices and things I had to let go. When I was at my lowest personally, broken down but I had to get up and show up to work. 

Interviewer: How do you remain positive and inspired during challenging times?

Francisco Pinto: How do I remain positive and inspiring during challenging times? I’ve always known that nothing in life is permanent, that every challenging moment is temporary and it will pass. A lot of praying, a lot of conversations with God and relying on him and trusting him 100% he doesn’t want to see me sad, hurt or broken and if he’s putting me through a challenging time it is because he needs to make me stronger. Because whatever I’m asking him to give me and bless me with requires me to be stronger. And unfortunately in life it’s the only way that we become stronger. And knowing how to separate my personal life with my professional life has also helped a lot because I don’t let anything in my personal life affect my professional life. Because professionally I’m doing amazing. It’s perfect there’s no reason why I shouldn’t continue to grow and succeed. Regardless if my personal life is going down the drain. My professional life has nothing to do with my professional life. 

Interviewer: Who and what has inspired your journey thus far?

Francisco Pinto: Everyone whose life I have touched, changed or helped it’s what has inspired my journey thus far. By doing what I love to do, hair. 

Interviewer: Last question. How far are you projecting your career? What’s the long-term goal for yourself?

Francisco Pinto: My career will be as long as God allows me and It will continue after I die. My long-term goal for myself is to franchise with FiFi. I will open a store in every major city around the world. I will be launching my own line of products, opening academies. But what I really really want and I know I can’t do it without reaching all the goals that I just mentioned. I want to open orphanages where kids can stay as long as they want. Where love won’t be an issue. where they will be exposed to every style of art and academic skill. With the purpose to help them find their passion so that they can live a fulfilled life. That’s my ultimate goal and I know I can do it. 

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