iPhone 12 Pro: Components would cost only $400

  • The components of the iPhone 12 Pro would represent only 40% of its selling price.

Like every year, Apple’s new smartphones are analyzed in-depth to find out what makes them unique, but also to give an estimate of the price of the parts that make up them. And this particular year is no exception.

This time, it was Fomalhaut Techno Solutions who stuck to it, reports the NikkeiAsiamedia. According to him, all parts of the iPhone 12 Pro would cost $406, or about 40% of the price at which it is marketed ($999 in the United States).

The fact is, as with other products, that the final amount covers as much the price of the parts, as the production costs and the producer’s expenses. In the case of Apple, it’s as much about advertising, all marketing as it is about the research and development that led to the development of the iPhone 12 Pro.

In the end, the profit margin of the firm in form is not 60% on the price of the smartphone. It is difficult to have a precise figure for all departments, but it still allows us to put it into perspective.

Finally, the autopsy of the iPhone 12 Pro by Fomalhaut Techno Solutions also revealed the origin of the different parts that compose it.

Thus, the smartphone comes primarily from South Korea since its screen, its largest component is signed Samsung and is therefore Korean. Second, it is American, with 21.9% of coins coming from the United States and Europe with the same percentage. The rest of the components are Japanese (13.6%), Taiwanese (11.1%) (4.6%).

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