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Irmawati died on 4 April 2016. Hundreds of people witnessed her passing during a stage performance. Irma was from West Karawang, Indonesia. Irma was an Indonesian national. She had two children, Mawar Putri andriani and Bunga putri Andriani.

Did you know that there was controversy surrounding her death? Internet users in the United States want to learn more. Let’s find out more about Irma Bule death Video Reddit.

Irma’s death videos at and TikTok were the most popular social media platforms for Irma’s news. has twelve posts about Irma Bule death.

Reddit pages didn’t include clips about Irma’s death. The trending news was instead used by several news websites that are not knowledge-based to gain viewers. Telegram, a private messaging group is not able to confirm the existence of Irma in her death video.

Irma’s tragic death in a live performance:

Irma came from a poor family and made her living singing and dancing dangdut. She said that her colleagues earned $20 per performance and $25 for featuring snakes in their performances.

Irma was a performer on the street and stage, performing many goyangular (snake shakes) performances throughout her life. Irma died in 31 posts. However, Leaked on Tiktok had fewer videos. She was used to holding a snake while dancing and making it move.

Irma, unfortunately, was wearing a sky-blue soft net skirt on April 4, 2016. She was clutching a white snake in one hand. She stepped on the tail a cobra’s tail, and it bit her on the thigh. She sat down on the platform. Youtube has 49 videos that were related to Irma’s death.

Irma was bitten by a snake and the snake-catcher offered her anti-venom. Irma refused to take the snake bite and offered Irma anti-venom. She continued singing and dancing. Irma began vomiting after approximately 45 minutes. Irma was taken to the hospital and declared dead.

Irma’s Death:

The incident was investigated by the Indonesian police. Their findings were however kept secret.

Instagram did not have any posts about Irma’s death. Maman, Irmawati’s uncle, suggested that Irma’s murder was planned. This was because the snake catcher was changed prior to the stage performance. Irma was not able to communicate with him. The snake was also not de-fanged prior to the performance.

Eneng’s mother Encum said Eneng used to use duct-tape to secure the snake’s mouth for stage performances. As evidence from Irma Bule’s Death Video Reddit, however, the cobra’s mouth wasn’t sealed on April 4.

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Irma was not aware that there was a venomous spider on the stage. It is also argued that Irma shouldn’t have refused anti-venom. The stage scene displayed neglect by the snake catcher, delaying in providing first-aid and hospitalization. It is also doubtful that the snake catcher was aware of security precautions, such as not de-fanging or sealing its mouth.

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