Is Alexa Thank My Driver Scam :- check reviews here!

Is Alexa Thank My Driver Scam? This post will keep you informed about the latest Amazon feature.

Are you an Amazon customer? Are you familiar with the latest Amazon feature? Amazon offers new features every time. But this time, they decided to thank their delivery partners . Many users of the United States are still confused about this feature. This is because they believe that Amazon has fabricated the feature. What is the truth? This feature will be discussed in detail.

Alexa, Thanks My Driver: Real or Fake

You must thank the driver if you’ve ordered anything from Amazon recently. You don’t have to say thank you every time. Amazon now offers a feature that allows customers to say “Alexa, Thank My Driver” and have it directed to the person who delivered your product. This is not a fake feature. It is a real feature.

Is Alexa Thank My Driver Scam?

You must order from Amazon if you are a regular customer. Have you ever considered the hard work that goes into delivering your orders? They do their best to deliver the goods on-time. They are punctual, no matter what the weather is like. Amazon offers a way for customers to thank their delivery people by simply saying Alexa, “Thank You Driver.” Amazon will pay five dollars to each driver who expresses appreciation. Drivers aren’t charged for this.

Is Alexa Thank My Driver Scam? It is not a scam. Amazon claims it is real. The first 1,000,000 drivers to receive appreciation will also get Dollar 5. Amazon also announced that the delivery partners with the highest number of thank you’s will be awarded $10,000. Amazon will donate $10,000 more to charity partners who request it.

What does “Alexa, thank My Driver” do?

According to online sources, this phrase should be used (Alexa, thank My Driver). Your last delivery partner will then be notified. Is Alexa Thanks My Driver Scam? You are mistaken. It is important that you thank all delivery personnel in the most sincere way possible. It is important that everyone shows appreciation to their delivery partners in order to get paid for their hard work.


This post summarizes that readers who have recently ordered from Amazon can take advantage of this feature.

Are you a recent Amazon customer? We would love to hear from you if you are satisfied with your delivery partner.

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