Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam Who is the target of the scam?

Amazon is the most trusted platform that people rely on to make purchases. In the United States, people love to buy electronic gadgets and devices with the latest technology from Amazon.

The portal offers gift cards, coupons and free offers, but recently, the Apple Airbag is gaining a lot of people’s attention. They receive messages in their accounts that they have won free Apple Air Pods. Everyone can get excited for a moment when they see this. But all we need to think is, Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam?

Who is the target of the scam?

Unsuspecting users receive a message from Amazon claiming to be offering a free Airpod. For people who show interest in listening to podcasts and songs, air pods are their top priority. So the company is targeting these groups of people. Moreover, the free Airpod will greatly enhance their listening experience.

A few days ago, an audience reported a lottery scam in which they received a message from Amazon regarding a lottery win. But the Better Business Bureau team has warned the public and saved them from the trap.

Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam?

• The message sent by Amazon is fraudulent because the link it contains redirects to phishing sites like other fraudulent messages when it is clicked.

• Scam websites take advantage of reputable companies such as Amazon and try to mislead people.

• If you have not taken part in a lottery or have not recently entered into a promotion on Amazon, receiving such messages is a scam.

• If Amazon were running promotions and you won prizes, your Amazon account would reflect the same. But that didn’t happen with Apple’s AirPods.

Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam – The above points have proved that dubious sources are trying to mislead customers and want to get their personal and financial information.

How to avoid these text scams?

Well, we share some key points that can help you avoid such scam messages.

• Don’t trust every message you receive from the company. No company sends an individual SMS to a person, unless they choose this service themselves.

• Text fraudulent messages usually contain links to phishing websites. As with the Apple Airpod and that was the reason that compelled people to ask Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam questions?

• Think twice before clicking on suspicious links.

• Do not send SMS back to any fake messages as scammers want to confirm whether your number is active or not. So it’s better to block them.


During the pandemic, the number of fake text messages increased. It is our responsibility to carefully check all links before clicking. If you receive this text message, please report the number to Amazon Customer Service. Moreover, check your Amazon account as every prize you win is displayed there.

By following these simple tips, you can stay away from airpod scams.

Do we hope we have been able to present facts corresponding to Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam?

What fake text messages are you receiving from the company? Share your replies in the comment box.

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