Is Ben Mitchell Gay In Real Life? Know All the Details Here!

EastEnders, the iconic BBC television drama, has seen its fair share of complex and intricate characters. One such character is Ben Mitchell, whose journey on the show has been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride. From his tumultuous relationships to personal struggles, Ben Mitchell’s life is filled with twists and turns.

Who is Ben Mitchell?

Ben Mitchell made his debut on EastEnders on 21 March 1996. Since his introduction, he has been played by six distinct actors. These ranged from Matthew Silver (as an infant) and Morgan Whittle (a toddler), before various others took up the mantle later on, each adding their own distinct touch to his portrayal of this unforgettable character.

Is Ben Mitchell Gay in Real Life?

While Ben Mitchell’s on-screen character is portrayed as gay, having a relationship with Callum, in reality, the actors Max Bowden and Tony Clay, who play Ben and Callum respectively, are straight. Their commendable portrayal of a gay relationship speaks volumes about their talent and versatility as actors.

Why Did Ben Mitchell Go to Prison?

One of the darker arcs of Ben’s storyline is his involvement in Heather’s murder. Unable to bear the guilt of his actions, Ben turns himself in and ends up in prison. This arc introduced several layers to his character, including a complicated relationship with Lola Pearce, leading to an unexpected pregnancy and the birth of their child, Lexi.

What’s Wrong With Ben Mitchell?

Ben’s journey on EastEnders is marked by various personal struggles. Unknown to many residents, Ben battles with an eating disorder, bulimia. This was revealed to the viewers at the same time as his traumatic rape experience, showing the various challenges he faces in his life. These elements not only give depth to his character but also touch upon sensitive issues, providing an opportunity for viewers to understand and empathize.

Is Ben Mitchell Deaf in Real Life?

While his character on EastEnders faced health challenges early in life, contracting meningitis which resulted in the loss of hearing in one ear, the actor portraying Ben Mitchell is not deaf in real life. This storyline presented an opportunity for the show to highlight some of the challenges experienced by people living with hearing impairments.

EastEnders has long been celebrated for its captivating, character-driven plotlines, with Ben Mitchell standing out as an embodiment of that depth and complexity. His story serves as proof that EastEnders‘ dedication to confronting challenging issues while exploring human experience has not diminished over time.

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