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Brett Young and Taylor Mills share an enchanting love story as two souls who found each other and formed an unforgettable union, much to their mutual delight and delight of everyone around them. Bound by music dreams and aspirations with unfaltering support of an unswerving partner – theirs has been one of joy as well as challenges along their journey together as lifelong partners in marriage, family life and career development.

Who is Brett Young?

The Early Days and a Shift in Career

Brett Charles Young hails from Orange County, California. As an American country pop singer-songwriter-guitarist he has captured many hearts through his melodious tunes. Before taking to music full time he played college baseball; but an elbow injury led to another path whereby songwriting became his passion.

Stepping into the Music Industry

Young’s music career launched when he released his debut EP “Brett Young” on February 12, 2016. From its inception, its lead single, “Sleep Without You,” quickly rose in popularity before “In Case You Didn’t Know,” became his breakthrough single and catapulted him to stardom. Young continued his musical journey by releasing two more albums: 2018’s Ticket to L.A and 2021’s Weekends Look a Little Different These Days respectively.

The Love Story of Brett and Taylor

The Beginning

Their paths crossed over a decade ago, and what began as a platonic connection evolved into a deep bond. Despite the challenges of a long-distance relationship, Brett Young and Taylor Mills maintained communication and grew closer.

The Wedding

Brett and Taylor celebrated their marriage vows surrounded by family and friends on November 3, 2018, in Palm Desert, California. This beautiful wedding celebration served as an auspicious testament to their love, commitment, and the start of a wonderful new chapter together as husband and wife.

Who is Taylor Mills Young?

Early Life and Moving for Love

Taylor Mills, born on August 1, 1987, in Scottsdale, Arizona, is primarily known as the wife of Brett Young. A graduate of Arizona State University, Taylor made a life-altering decision to move to Los Angeles to be closer to Brett, showing her commitment and love.

A Pillar of Support

As a devoted wife, Taylor has stood by Brett’s side, supporting him throughout his career. She has chosen a life away from the public eye, dedicating herself to being a homemaker and caring for their family.

The Young Family: Joy in Parenthood

Welcoming Their First Child

On April 6, 2019, the couple shared the delightful news of expecting their first child. Their daughter, Presley, was born on October 21, 2019, marking the beginning of their adventure as parents.

A Growing Family

Their joy was doubled when Taylor gave birth to their second daughter, Rowan, on July 21, 2021. With the arrival of Rowan, the Young family grew in love and happiness.


Brett Young and Taylor Mills Young’s journey is one of love, dedication, and commitment. From Brett’s rise in the music industry to Taylor’s unwavering support and their joy in parenthood, their story continues to inspire. Through the highs and lows, they have built a family grounded in love, cherishing each moment together.

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