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Is Coca Cola Welfare Fund Legit?

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Are you Currently Getting Messages enclosing a survey that would enable you to win a huge quantity of money? Lately, citizens of those Philippines are encountering a specific message that is performing rounds on social media. It’s resulted in many individuals suspecting if it’s legit or a scam.

Citizens are getting messages surrounding Coca Cola Welfare Fund That guarantees individuals about winning enormous cash prizes. However, we chose to conduct detailed research to know, Is Coca Cola Welfare Fund Legit?

So, please do read the Whole article till the End to understand complete detail regarding the whole scam.

What is the Scam about?

Recently citizens of those Philippines are getting messages on In accordance with the message, the users are requested to click the hyperlink. The connection is claimed to guide consumers towards a survey which must be filled by the users for winning 2,00,000 Riels.

But while the message seems too good to be true, it is Necessary to inspect Is Coca Cola Welfare Fund Legit or a scam. Thus, we will proceed to learn more about it.

How can the Message seem?

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Issued a warning to all citizens about an internet scam that is doing rounds in the name of Coca Cola Welfare Fund.

Users are delivered a deceptive message that Informs them about becoming the blessed one for being selected for the survey, claiming that they can acquire a fantastic reward in just 1 minute.

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Users are lured into answering questions laid Down from the poll and sharing them with other friends via Facebook Messenger, thus stealing information.

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How to check Is Coca Cola Welfare Fund Legit?

In Accordance with the information set from the Department of Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, users have been warned against clicking any link delivered under the title of Coca Cola Welfare Fund. But, it is crucial to be on the watch for couple points that can raise suspicion. These include:

· Users are asked to fill the survey online and discuss them on Facebook Messenger.

· They are further asked to include personal details such as name, contact, address and date of arrival to gain access to social media accounts and hack on them.

· Winning 2,00,000 Riels by filling the survey.

The ministry replies to Is Coca Cola Welfare Fund Legit or a scam according to all the points. And the answer is yes, it’s a scam.

Final Verdict

With Loads of scams doing rounds on the Internet, it’s necessary to be vigilant about what information you share. From checking the website to preventing divulging information on the fake website or questionable ones, there are lots of ways to stop from falling to scams.

Have you ever fallen prey to any online scam? What is your opinion Roughly Is Please share your ideas in the comments box below.

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