Is Desire Oparanozie Married Know All the Details Here!

Ugochi Desire Oparanozie, the Nigerian football sensation, has gained recognition not just for her exceptional skills on the field but also for her personal life, which she has kept relatively private over the years. Dive into an insightful exploration of her journey, both on and off the field.

The Marital Side of Desire Oparanozie

Yes, Desire Oparanozie is married, and her partner in life is Velislav Rusev. Their union, which took place in 2006, sheds light on the woman behind the footballer’s fame. Their marriage speaks volumes about Oparanozie’s dedication and devotion, both as an athlete and as an individual.

Respect for Privacy

Although Oparanozie has chosen to share this part of her life, it is crucial to approach this revelation with utmost respect for her personal boundaries. For public figures, striking a balance between personal transparency and privacy is a continuous challenge.

Current Relationship Status

Reports suggest that as of January 12, 2023, Oparanozie is not involved in any romantic relationships outside her marriage, indicating her focus on her existing commitments and passions.

Tracing Desire Oparanozie’s Age and Career Path

Born on December 17, 1993, Ugochi Desire Oparanozie’s life and career have been a source of inspiration for many.

Early Passion and Beginnings (1993-2010)

From her younger days, Oparanozie showcased a palpable passion for football, likely engaging in local youth teams and school competitions.

Rise to Prominence (2010-2014)

Her career’s upward trajectory began around 2010 when, at just 17, she debuted for the Super Falcons, Nigeria’s women’s national team. This period also saw her shine in the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup.

Leadership and Impact (2017-2021)

In the latter part of the 2010s, Oparanozie’s influence grew exponentially. By 2017, she donned the captain’s armband for the Super Falcons, highlighting her leadership prowess.

Desire Oparanozie’s Advocacy

Throughout her illustrious career, Oparanozie has been a vocal advocate for women’s football, pushing for more recognition and investment in the sport.

A Glimpse into Her Personal Life

While Oparanozie’s football journey has been in the spotlight, her personal life with husband Velislav Rusev showcases a side of her that fans rarely see. Their relationship is a testament to their shared values and commitment.


Ugochi Desire Oparanozie’s story is one of talent, dedication, leadership, and personal growth. While her football accolades are commendable, understanding her life beyond the pitch gives us a holistic view of the woman behind the headlines. Her journey is a testament to the multifaceted nature of public figures, and a reminder of the importance of respect, understanding, and admiration.

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