Is DHgate Real or is it a Platform for Frauds and Scams?

DHgate is one of the leading e-commerce platforms that has hundreds and thousands of vendors and buyers worldwide. It is founded to make it easier for buyers and sellers to transact on a wide variety of products including electronics, clothing, accessories, footwear, and so on. You will find numerous products on the site and it is similar to platforms like eBay, AliExpress, etc. You will never be disappointed as you will surely find the item you wanted on this platform. It attracts folks who cherish buying products for everyday uses and durable items you may not find elsewhere. As more folks flock to the site the potential for the site to grow is immense and not least, the site offers most products very cheaply which saves money for the buyers. In addition, their shipping cost is perhaps the lowest when compared to other e-commerce platforms. Instead of these, it is obvious that there are good and bad guys on the site. Now, if you ask is dhgate safe for buyers, you may find different opinions from buyers. There are several Chinese fraudsters and scams when buyers transact on the site. It is observed that 90% of the sellers are Chinese and several of them are complete fakes therefore, you need to be wary of their products.

DHgate Customer Reviews

Like most other platforms, DHgate is a platform that helps to bring buyers and sellers closer to transacting business. The dhgate reviews from customers indicate that several buyers have become victims of fraud and have lost money. Although the platform doesn’t take responsibility for any risks, it nonetheless, takes calculated steps to mitigate unchecked fraud from sellers. 

Hence, if you purchase any products you should be registered on the site and you must make the use of search bar to find out about your products. If you have found any products you must ensure that you have done your research about the seller. The dhgate legit site will step in if the seller sells low-quality products and sees that they are no longer allowed to trade on the site. 

Another point buyers need to know is that you are best served while purchasing single products or a set of items. You should never transact on the platform if you want to source your supplies continuously as this may backfire. All products on the site are stock items and they are there because the seller has excess stock of these products. 

You are surprised and would ask ‘is dhgate legit’ if you don’t get proper products. You get products at highly discounted products and uniquely created items that are made by individuals. Apart from doing your research you also find more about specific products from buyer reviews for the same.

Secure Professional E-commerce Platform

Despite negative views from various buyers DHgate e-commerce platform can be the best place to find excellent stuff at very low prices. This is mainly because sellers want to sell off their stock items. Hence, they offer very good discounts on their items. If any buyer asks ‘is dhgate real’ based on the numerous negative reports you may find out as did several other buyers that the platform saves you huge money. If your case is genuine like buyers who were scammed the platform steps in and refunds your money back.


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