Is Ethan Peck Related to Gregory Peck Know All the Details Here!

Hollywood is an industry known for legacies and dynasties, and Ethan Peck is a prime example of a young talent carrying forward the legacy of a cinema icon. In this article, we unravel the connection between Ethan Peck and Hollywood legend Gregory Peck and explore their familial ties.

Is Ethan Peck related to Gregory Peck?

Yes, Ethan Peck is indeed related to Gregory Peck, as his grandson. Born in 1986, Ethan has made a name for himself in both film and television, with notable roles in Empire and Star Trek: Discovery. But what is fascinating is his familial connection to one of Hollywood’s all-time greats, Gregory Peck.

A Grandson’s Recollections

Ethan fondly remembers his grandfather, whom he simply called “grandpa”. He recounts how Gregory taught him to float in a swimming pool and shared a normal grandparent-grandchild relationship. They didn’t discuss acting much, as Gregory passed away when Ethan was 17. Looking back, Ethan wishes he could have had more conversations about acting with his grandfather.

Ethan has mentioned not feeling the pressure of his grandfather’s legacy. He acknowledges the connection but emphasizes that his pursuit of acting is based on personal passion rather than family lineage.

Delving into the Peck Legacy

Gregory Peck (b. 1916), was an iconic American actor famed for iconic performances in films like Roman Holiday and To Kill a Mockingbird. With five decades of acting work under his belt and over 50 film projects under his name alone spanning five decades of success in Hollywood; until his passing away in 2003. However, his legacy lives on through films that feature him.

The Peck Lineage

Ethan is the son of Stephen Peck, a former actor and documentary filmmaker, and Francine Matarazzo, an abstract artist. Stephen Peck is one of Gregory Peck’s children with his first wife, Greta Kukkonen. Besides acting, Ethan has a deep connection with his father, whom he credits for inheriting qualities reminiscent of Gregory Peck.

Ethan attended Campbell Hall and Harvard-Westlake, both private schools located in Studio City. Besides academics, Ethan excelled in athletics and developed a passion for classical cello.

Gregory Peck’s Grandson Carving His Own Path

Now in his thirties, Ethan Peck has an impressive resume in the entertainment industry.

Roles and Recognition

In 2020, Ethan portrayed a young version of George Clooney in The Midnight Sky, which is indicative of his acting range. But it’s his portrayal of the iconic character Spock in Star Trek: Discovery that has brought him into the spotlight. Ethan is also set to reprise this role in the upcoming series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

A Rising Star

Ethan’s talent extends beyond these iconic roles. His television appearances span That ’70s Show, Gossip Girl, Madam Secretary and Penny Dreadful: City of Angels – with one notable exception (2009 TV adaptation of 10 Things I Hate About You). However, his career began back in 1995 with CBS series Charlie Grace.


Ethan Peck continues to be a rising star in Hollywood, carving his own path while being connected to a legendary lineage. His humble acknowledgement of his grandfather’s legacy and his commitment to his craft make him an inspiration for aspiring actors. With several projects in the pipeline, it’s safe to say that the Peck legacy is in capable hands.

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